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Configure MS Entourage for Bigpond IMAP instead of POP3

I am trying to migrate to IMAP on Bigpond to manage my email with  my multiple mobile devices and can not get a solution from Bigpond support. Can anybody help with a solution? Will the new "Outlook" solution help? Is there a way of using IMAP or MAPI to improve my Email functionality.

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Re: Configure MS Entourage for Bigpond IMAP instead of POP3

I'll tell you what I have done.


I have a bigpond account.


I have a separate Windows Live account, which includes an Outlook.com address.


I have this link to my bigpond account, and suck the emails off my POP (bigpond account).


I use Outlook (the windows client) to use MAPI to get my outlook.com emails, which now include the Bigpond linked emails).


Unfortunately, whilst deleting the emails in the outlook client deletes the emails on the outlook.com server, the emails are not deleted on the Bigpond POP server, so I have to go wekly and just do a cleanup.




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