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unlock contracted mobile phone

I have a mobile which has just come out of contract and want to change providers now. However I put another sim card in and find that it is locked. Rang Telstra and they said they charge to unlock phones. Why are contract customers phones locked aswell? I thought it was only prepaid. I paid for this phone over the length of the contract so I should not have to pay to unlock it. Can someone advise if this is right or am I being told the wrong thing by telstra - which I would think so as every person at telstra has something different to say.

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Re: unlock contracted mobile phone

hi Mark81


The majority of our Postpaid Mobile Handsets are not locked to the Telstra Network at all, and if for example, you have one of the Iphone range, they are locked to Telstra, but are there is no charge applied to unlock them. 


I'm really sorry that you have been provided incorrect information regarding the unlocking charges, but I feel the information you were provided related to unlocking Prepaid Phones.


I hope this helps :smileyhappy:

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Lindy :smileyhappy:


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Re: unlock contracted mobile phone

I bought a phone outright from Telsra and signed up to a postpaid plan. When I tried a different sim in it I found the phone was locked to Telstra. I contacted support for my new network and apparently this is commonplace for Telstra.
I don't know what makes them think they have any business locking a phone that's bought outright, but there you go.

I can get it unlocked for free, but it has taken a lot of time and messing about trying to find the right phone number to ring at telstra to get this done, as well as being without my phone for the weekend.

Don't take too much notice of telstra reps who say they only lock prepaid phones cause it aint true.
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Re: unlock contracted mobile phone

Hi All


If a postpaid iphone can be unlocked free of charge, what is the thought process behind charging me an unlock fee for a phone that I have bought outright (prepaid)?


I have a LG P690f, purchased from Coles.


Very Curious.



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Unlocking LG P690F

I bought a P690F from Coles also, and used up the credit... I understand to unlock this phone will be $27.50 since it is longer than 6 months since I activated it?


Also, just bought a USB Modem/WIFI MF70A stick, also locked to Telstra. After 6 months of activation, I can unlock it for $27.50 as well?


Can a telstra person answer please?


Thank you.


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Re: unlock contracted mobile phone

I would like to unlock my old samsung mobile s5510T to use with a travel sim

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Re: unlock contracted mobile phone

You'd be best to speak to Telstra's  prepaid team for this. They can be contacted on 125 8887 or here: http://tel.st/nxzt.


They can determine, indeed if in fact the phone is locked to Telstra.


Have you tried another sim card in it yet to determine that?

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Re: unlock contracted mobile phone

Totally agree with you,the phone is purchased over the length of the contract.....just another Telstra rip off