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Whereis Everyone service closed

started by Community Manager ‎24-09-2014 03:22 PM - edited ‎01-12-2014 12:39 PM

Whereis Everyone is no longer available as of midnight, 28th November 2014.


We sent an SMS because our records indicated you had either used our Whereis Everyone service or had been paying a monthly subscription. Alternatively, you might’ve come to this page after reading about the closure on the Whereis Everyone homepage.  


You will not be able to use Whereis Everyone anymore

Existing casual and subscribing customers could continue to use the service until it closed midnight 28th November 2014.. However, no new customers could register to use the service from the 26th September 2014.


 We’re here to help

Below are some common questions, however if you have further queries or require additional information you can always find answers on CrowdSupport, or chat live on the Telstra 24x7 app.


What’s Whereis Everyone?


Whereis Everyone allowed you to find your friends and family on a Whereis Map and share your location, or locate your missing phone.


How do I know if I’d subscribed?

If you were paying for a subscription, it would appear in the summary section of your bill as a $2.95 Transaction Charge under the Charges Outside of Your Plan heading.


When will I stop being charged?

If you were paying a monthly subscription fee, you wouldn’t have been charged on any bills issued after 26th September 2014.   


If you were paying a monthly subscription fee, and your bill was issued before 26th September 2014, you would have already been charged one final $2.95 subscription fee on your next bill.  


If you were a prepaid customer paying a monthly subscription fee, ongoing deductions from your account balance ceased on 26th September 2014.


Existing casual customers could continue using the service without charge after 26th September 2014.


Does Telstra offer a similar product?

No, however many new smartphones and downloadable apps perform similar functions.


I’m a Telstra Pre-Paid or Boost mobile customer who had a Whereis Everyone service, how did the closure affect me?


We stopped deducting the Whereis Everyone charges from your account balance on 26th September 2014. You could have continued to use the service until midnight 28th November 2014 without charge. 

 However, no new customers could register to use the service from the 26th September 2014.