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Data Usage meters

I have been a Cable Net customer since 1999 and since November 2013 my usage meter has been NON existant  and after many calls its been elevated to level 3 (no idea how many levels there are ) , i have had no contact from any telstra worker in regard to where we are at in resolving the issue , even at tlestras end they cant see my usage since November , I'm on a high use plan of 500gb so its unlikely ill go over but it would still be nice to see my daily use incase others are leaching off me..


Is anyone else going through the same issues and if so how did you or telstra fix it?

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Re: Data Usage meters

Hi furkid,


It sounds like you are on the right path to having this resolved.


There are a couple of issues with the usage meter not displaying usage correctly which occurs when the systems aren't aligned correctly. This needs to be escalated through to the correct team to resolve this issue, and the time frame can vary depending on workload, and how complex the issue is.


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