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Bigpond Modem Problem

The Bigpond router I own has this problem where it connects to the internet, and then anywhere between 30 seconds and a minute later the connection disconnects. It is a major problem for internet use. Is there any steps or ways I can solve this problem? 


The ADSL router is a 2Wire Gateway with the model number 2701HGV-W

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Re: Bigpond Modem Problem

Heya Leigh,

How are you going with your router? Any Luck?

Should you continue to experience problems, I recommend checking out our Tech Support Troubleshooting page here


There's a few bits and pieces that may assist you, however, if you find that the information provided has not helped, then it might be worth giving our Tech Support Team a call on 133 933

The team are available to assist 24/7, therefore, will be waiting whenever you're ready to call. Let us know how you go! :smileywink:

Renee :smileyhappy:
24x7 Digital Customer Care Team

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