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Sync Contacts to T-Hub 2

I have just upgraded to a T-Hub 2 after my old T-Hub carked it.


I believe I have set everything up correctly, but my Contacts will not sync to the new T-Hub.


When I select Contacts to Display and select my Bigpond account, I only see 5 Contacts out 124, and those are the new Telstra ones that came on it!


When I try a manual sync, it fails.


What am I doing wrong?

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Re: Sync Contacts to T-Hub 2

Hi ChrisWho


I'm sorry you're having some issues with syncing your contacts on your new T-Hub2. As the manual sync isn't resolving this problem for you I'd recommend troubleshooting directly with T-Hub support on 1300 136 841 24x7. If you still can't get it going please reply here and I can get our CrowdSupport tech team to have a look at this for you during the week when they are here. Let me know how you go :smileyhappy:

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