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Here at Telstra we are committed to & passionate about constant growth and improvement. We believe that the users of our products and services can provide us with great insight to how things could work better. We will endeavour to work with you to bring your great ideas to fruition.

We encourage you to get involved with your ideas, and those of others, so that we can help bring about positive changes that benefit everyone. Please be aware that questions or issues that require attention would be best asked on the specific boards.

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It should be possible to confirm online that service blocking has occurred (ie for premium sms, content and data).



Having followed the instructions to bar premium sms and content from the mobile phones of my kids, I was disappointed that I apparently hadn't done it. I asked Telstra, and they said they had done it, but it wasn't and I needed a second call to (so far) succeed


Forewarned, I tried on the other kid's phone, only to subsequently discover I still couldn't really do it, and now I'm hoping that my verbose complaint has helped to get it done.


Surely we could have an indication on the My Account page that at least showed the status of these services (premium barring, content, data etc). It is otherwise very obscure.





Child phone plans

Status: New Idea
by mrschick on ‎30-10-2015 08:22 PM
A set of plans specifically designed for children where parents can choose data usage, call usage and text usage. Minimum $20 per month can increase for next billing cycle or even add on the fly, that remains for the balance of the billing cycle. With an app where the parent can reduce call hours, number of texts and data usage at any time. Where if a child reaches their limit they cannot get extra unless the parent specifically adds extra. The parent version of the app gives full control. The child version of the app allows for 3 emergency phone numbers they can call if they "run out of credit". $20 Newbie plan, $30 intermediate, $40 expert plan, $50 trustworthy plan. A parent can up the plan for the next billing cycle or reduce for the next billing cycle.

Telstra Shop Support in the Bush

Status: New Idea
by RuralGav on ‎08-10-2015 07:31 PM

So I live 300kms from my capital city which is where my nearest Telstra shop is. I have a bunch of little jobs i need to do at a telstra shop i.e transfer my SIM card to fit my new iPad, etc


My jobs list has grown from 1 to 4 things i need to do in store over the 6 months i have been putting it off because i seldom come down or when i do i am under the pump or not in business hours. There are many people in small towns (under 1000 people) like me and a descent 'Seniors' market who would like to do their handset upgrades, etc in person ... what are the odds of a telstra shop caranvan that does regional centre tours ... doesnt need to go to every town but even if it came to my regional centre 80kms away i can find a few hours to get over there verses a whole day trip to the city. I think you would get good support from Rural Local Governments for this too and in WA you could link into the Community Resource Centre network.


Anyways just a thought Smiley Happy




Bring back unmetered Steam servers

Status: New Idea
by brizbrenz on ‎09-07-2015 05:30 PM

As some of you may know a while back with the closing of GameArena Telstra removed unmetered access to Steam downloads meaning all games downloaded from the platform would count towards our monthly usage. 

I'd like to see the unmetering of Steam come back since it was and probably still is a big issue for alot of gamers whom buy their games digitally and have to download upwards of 50GB for one triple A game these days.


I'm not sure if you still have the servers up but last time I checked there still was servers listed as "QLD (Telstra)" "SYD (Telstra) etc. 


Reenabling unmetered steam downloads may bring back previous customers and increase profits I don't see it as a loss but then that would be something you'd have to take into consideration.


Vote this up if you'd like to see it come back!

Data Usage Delay

Status: New Idea
by Collie-Dog on ‎24-07-2015 06:11 PM

48hrs to refresh broadband usage figures is extremely, and strangely, poor.
Westnet used to update virtually in real time, and I don't know why it should not be simple for Telstra to provide the same standard of service. The delay makes it impossible to manage data usage sensibly. I am regularly led to believe I have several GB left, and use my connection accordingly, then suddenly my connection is slowed to a crawl. This is very frustrating and inconvenient.

Call plans

Status: New Idea
by jamb on ‎08-04-2015 01:45 PM

It would be good if we wer able to have two mobile phones on the same plan and so share the call allowance between both my mobiles. Is this possible?

Would also be nice to share home broadband data allowance with moblile phone data allowance

Credit Me2U

Status: New Idea
by rocky71 on ‎28-07-2015 04:35 PM

When an account is in credit, would it be possible to show a credit amount in GREEN print rather than RED, which usually denotes a debit amount.

Contactability ....

Status: Not_Likely
by Haken on ‎14-05-2014 11:58 AM

There really does need to be an email option for contacting Telstra. 


  • The CrowdSupport site does not effect responses from Telstra, usually only people with the same issues agreeing with you.
  • I do not have time or facility to hang on for the next available operator, who usually has no idea what you are talking about.
  • The Telstra shops are very helpful if you want to buy or sign up for something, but have difficulty supporting or assisting customers with delivery, bundle inclusion or billing issues.

It is suggested that there needs to be a specialist email contact point for each of the key offerings (effectively, the sub-pages called out by the icons above) that can cover off those who want to use email as the primary communication tool - and it does not matter if you have a 24, 48 or 72 hour expected response; if its more urgent than that, then a phone call is obviously the way. But if its not urgent, but needs to be addressed, email would be a good option all around.

Status: Not_Likely

Upload Speed Boost Option for Cable Plans

Status: Not_Likely
by Futur on ‎14-08-2014 05:16 PM

There have been multiple posts from other Bigpond users requesting higher upload speeds on their cable services on the Whirlpool Technology forums. It seems today with families sharing even a Telstra Ultimate Cable connection at home, doing various tasks such as uploading photographs and videos to social media, performing online backups, using cloud services, online gaming, video conferencing or any other upload intensive applications, it can quickly make an Ultimate cable connection quickly feel no so ultimate with only a 2.4 megabit upload speed.


I'm suggesting the thought of providing another speed boost option for those with Telstra Cable services similar to what is already in place but with a higher upload speed (to align with Velocity?) and higher cost per month. This gives your customers the added flexibility of being able to pay for the option should it be needed and can be marketed to the customers appropriately also during signup.


From a technological point of view the DOCSIS 3.0 technology used by the Telstra Cable network is more than capable of being up to the task of catering for higher upload speeds. See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DOCSIS


I hope this suggestion is of use as I can see clear profitability gains for Telstra. Just by the introduction of a simple new product you will be able to keep more current customers happy and attract more in the process.

Status: Not_Likely

Thanks for the feedback on the upload speeds of cable and this is feedback we have heard previously.


From my understanding, I believe there is a technical reason for these upload speeds, however I don't have specific details on this.


I will pass it on for you however at this stage these speeds are unlikely to be changed.


Thanks again.

customer loyalty program

Status: New Idea
by AndrewL27 on ‎30-04-2014 07:16 PM
I think it would be a good idea to reward long term customers, for example: giving the same service for a reduced cost to those who renew their contracts. Or even for those who change their contracts, but remain with telstra... Telstra does charge an absurd amount for its services and would benefit from repeat business from those who stay with telstra because of the benefits that a loyalty program would provide them

I have given a lot of thought to this subject and I think it's something Telstra should consider.


Of late Telstra have been offering special pricing deals to new customers to the exclusion of their long term customers. (For me that's 48 years).


I fully understand the theory behind the drive for new customers but the company should never forget those who have supported the company over many years.


What I would like to suggest is that Telstra offer bonus points to existing customers in a similar vein to Flybuys.


Such bonus points could be retrieved through applying such points to the paying bills or the purchase of new hardware from the company.


I hope others will contribute to my idea and between us all we may achieve an outcome that long term customers will find beneficial.




Status: Maybe Later

I have received a reply from this and this idea is something that has been considered by our product team previously. 


At the time they decided to go in a different direction however this doesn't mean that it won't be considered in future. So it is possible that we will do more with this down the track but it was not suitable for this current time.


Thanks again for the idea and I hope you keep them coming Smiley Happy

If Telstra put solar panels on all exchanges and buildings they own it would reduce the cost of electricity and have the impact of using less power from the grid and reducing the risk of blackouts and brownouts making their customers have more power to use.


If Telstra has any left over power it can be sent back to the grid and they get paid for it. In the short term it will cost a lot of money but in the long term it will be worth it.

Telstra Thanks

Status: Maybe Later
by bjcruick on ‎18-08-2014 05:30 PM
As much as I enjoy the cheap movie tickets I don't really see value in these thanks programs. With higher bills and less consuming of non essentials, I would feel that a reward program for customer loyalty would resonate better.btakenfor instance RACQ insurance discounts each year you retain a policy with them and even further if no is no fault claims. Now I understand that your not an insurer but imagine rewarding customers who pay their bills and don't void. I could further suggest providing discounts on other products that Telstra can offer because that would he a big thanks. A times get tougher we customers are appealing for lower cost utilities opposed to cheaper movie tickets.
Status: Maybe Later

Fitbits and Stay Healthy with Telstra

Status: New Idea
by on ‎09-09-2015 08:46 AM

I was thinking the other day, and discussing with my Seniors class about using technology to monitor your health, acheive health or weight goals (mostly because my doctor is always on my case no matter how good I am Smiley LOL )


I have a Fitbit Charge +HR, and I'm really happy with it.


So it got me thinking.  How about Telstra offer Fitbits, or an alternate with Mobile Phones purchases or plans. Match the wristband with the colour of the mobile, or offer a choice. Promote it as a way of promoting fitness with Telstra.


Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, they are all coming out with smart devices, especially fitness promotion.


However, the social aspect of promoting fitness with Telstra seems to me to be something that would be a positive to the Telstra community.


Might even be a short campaign you could run.



Leave it with us - Way to track requests

Status: New Idea
by BRF on ‎18-03-2015 08:17 PM

Leave it with us is great, however there should be a way for me to see my requests and the responses on the Telstra wesbite.


Similar to iiNet - https://iihelp.iinet.net.au/Viewing_Tasks_in_Toolbox

Unmetered Content: Another great way to provide better value to your customers

Status: New Idea
by ‎09-07-2015 06:31 PM - edited ‎09-07-2015 06:31 PM

Telstra has been talking about giving more value. 

Other people have suggested specific things be return in umetered content, but I believe that the best way to show us that you want to provide us value is to actually provide us better ways to maximise our allowance... 


I mean we have access to Foxtel Go, Foxtel on Demand, Presto - and these are great.

We have the Streaming services covered.


But we have lost over the year Surgeforce and GameArena and a number of services which 

again were great for optimising value. They have a double benefit, some of them allow you to

increase your connections, by users of partner services gaining unmetered content, next time they

consider a new ISP, it is a great differentiator for you from a business perspective, and at the same time

depending on the type of partner, you might even be able to minimising costs by being able to share

costs, or share bandwidth...


many of these will provide a better experience for your users, if you are hosting the files then it is often

going to lead to better routing and thus better speeds, the unmetered content provides better speeds

and in the end it is set to do nothing but lead to a better enduser experience and increase your customers



This goes especially for any BigPond Mobile Broadband users, whom often need to find any way they can

to maximise their data allowance.

So we were a few days late with paying a Telstra bill.  So what do they do - impose a 12% penalty.  You'd have to be kidding!!!!   We've been customers for over 15 years!!!!!  

After calling bill payments, a lady called Rose credited the extra charges, but Telstra imposing fines on customers is ridiculous.  Are they a court, a police force?

Does it really cost Telstra $15 to process a late payment?????  Of course not!!!

Its unfortunate that the only phone provider in this area is Telstra otherwise I'd dump you in a minute!!!! 

And for any "Telstra-lovers" who disagree with me - wake up!!!!  Telstra charges are a rip off in the first place - they just cost too much for the service they provide.

A seniors bundle

Status: New Idea
by on ‎13-04-2013 03:20 PM

I am retired and certainly am not a phone-alcoholic.


Currently I have a Telstra mobile.......bigpond internet  and a home phone.


My bigpond allowance is 200GB which I use approx 20% of.


On my mobile I have an allowance of $550 per month for calls ....Again I use approx 20%.


As for my mobile internet usage it is almost zero.


My home phone is on the "everyday" bundle with my internet and I get free local calls and free call to Telstra mobiles.


My current monthly spend is $154.00.


What I'm trying to say is that most retired people on fixed incomes feel more comfortable in knowing what their monthly spend is.




Seniors bundle should look something like this.......


100GB of Bigpond allowance.


Free calls to all national landlines and Telstra mobiles.


With  mobiles........$200 worth of included calls and say 50MB of internet usage and of course any costs involve in amotising  a phone purchase through Telstra .


Would like to see Telstra cost this suggestion up.


Thank you