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Hi, I've had trouble with my Telstra cable account, and it would be great if all logged issues & communications history are visible on our user account so we can refer to them and also validate that we have indeed communicated issues with Telastra. I think it would be benificial for both Telstra and Customer.


A few weeks back my Cable was down for about 3 days over two consecutive weekends, and it was a critical time for me to have internet access. Inturn, on the second weekend, Telstra Staff gave me a free Data upgrade of my mobile internet for me to use whilst the fixed line was down and was told it would be returned to my original plan in the next billing cycle. I also was told I would recieve a charge on my bill but not to worry as a credit would be applied. WELL, I never recieved a credit and the increased data plan for my mobile device is continually being charged (which I am not paying for!!!). I then received an arrears call requesting payment..... (NOT HAPPY)


1. Telstras billing is just atrocious and needs to be dramatically improved. 

2. Telstra Staff should be reading account information before calling to see if an issue was not addressed by Telstra in the first instance. 

3. It would be benificial to have the history of communications between myself and Telstra recorded on our user account so we know Telstra is fully awares and know exactly what was agreed. 


I rang Telstra yesterday and it seems they have now fixed it......I think..... but not positive on this as I cannot trust telstra that actions have actually been followed through. 


I think ever since Telstra has sub-contracted services off-shore (namely Philippines) the whole Customer Accounts show has gone to S*%#!!!   It's all about communication of information that is failing horribly...

Status: Under Review

Telstra Thanks

Status: New Idea
by bjcruick on ‎18-08-2014 05:30 PM
As much as I enjoy the cheap movie tickets I don't really see value in these thanks programs. With higher bills and less consuming of non essentials, I would feel that a reward program for customer loyalty would resonate better.btakenfor instance RACQ insurance discounts each year you retain a policy with them and even further if no is no fault claims. Now I understand that your not an insurer but imagine rewarding customers who pay their bills and don't void. I could further suggest providing discounts on other products that Telstra can offer because that would he a big thanks. A times get tougher we customers are appealing for lower cost utilities opposed to cheaper movie tickets.

Upload Speed Boost Option for Cable Plans

Status: New Idea
by Futur on ‎14-08-2014 05:16 PM

There have been multiple posts from other Bigpond users requesting higher upload speeds on their cable services on the Whirlpool Technology forums. It seems today with families sharing even a Telstra Ultimate Cable connection at home, doing various tasks such as uploading photographs and videos to social media, performing online backups, using cloud services, online gaming, video conferencing or any other upload intensive applications, it can quickly make an Ultimate cable connection quickly feel no so ultimate with only a 2.4 megabit upload speed.


I'm suggesting the thought of providing another speed boost option for those with Telstra Cable services similar to what is already in place but with a higher upload speed (to align with Velocity?) and higher cost per month. This gives your customers the added flexibility of being able to pay for the option should it be needed and can be marketed to the customers appropriately also during signup.


From a technological point of view the DOCSIS 3.0 technology used by the Telstra Cable network is more than capable of being up to the task of catering for higher upload speeds. See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DOCSIS


I hope this suggestion is of use as I can see clear profitability gains for Telstra. Just by the introduction of a simple new product you will be able to keep more current customers happy and attract more in the process.

With the NBN, and a bunch of customers on Telsra using the Gateway 797v3 and 799MAX, both capable of doing SIP, wouldn't it be cool to have my mobile phone, while at home participate via that?


My XperiaZ 1 has SIP capability (and a lot of new mobiles also do this).


What would be cool would be to allow me to make mobile calls at home via the SIP as though it was a normal landline phone in my home.


Obviously when away from home, normal calls.


It would encourage customers to put their mobiles onto the single bill maybe?


Or at least it might be a differentiator for Telstra, and encourage them to take up the NBN with Telstra.





Status: Under Review

Contactability ....

Status: Not_Likely
by Haken on ‎14-05-2014 11:58 AM

There really does need to be an email option for contacting Telstra. 


  • The CrowdSupport site does not effect responses from Telstra, usually only people with the same issues agreeing with you.
  • I do not have time or facility to hang on for the next available operator, who usually has no idea what you are talking about.
  • The Telstra shops are very helpful if you want to buy or sign up for something, but have difficulty supporting or assisting customers with delivery, bundle inclusion or billing issues.

It is suggested that there needs to be a specialist email contact point for each of the key offerings (effectively, the sub-pages called out by the icons above) that can cover off those who want to use email as the primary communication tool - and it does not matter if you have a 24, 48 or 72 hour expected response; if its more urgent than that, then a phone call is obviously the way. But if its not urgent, but needs to be addressed, email would be a good option all around.

Status: Not_Likely

customer loyalty program

Status: New Idea
by AndrewL27 on ‎30-04-2014 07:16 PM
I think it would be a good idea to reward long term customers, for example: giving the same service for a reduced cost to those who renew their contracts. Or even for those who change their contracts, but remain with telstra... Telstra does charge an absurd amount for its services and would benefit from repeat business from those who stay with telstra because of the benefits that a loyalty program would provide them

Often I receive calls from Telstra regarding my account etc.

Usually they begin with Telstra wanting to verify my identity, so they will ask me to provide some details, usually my name and date of birth.

The problem with that process is that because a 2-way trust has not been established I cannot provide my name and date of birth because I cant trust that the person that says they are from Telstra is actually from Telstra.

If I do provide my details, I may have just supplied the details required to prove my identity to a evil third party, that can then turn around and call Telstra and pretend to be me assuming my identity.

If Telstra calls someone and asks for these details, they are actually training the person to sub-divert their own security procedure.

This is why secure communications requires both ends to be able verify each others identities before any private details have been communicated.

The internet solves this problem (at least to some degree) by using SSL/HTTPS, when I go to a Telstra website, I can verify the website is under Telstra's control by ensuring that there is a padlock in the address bar and that the address ends in telstra.com or telstra.com.au, I can now trust to a reasonable degree that the site belongs to telstra and that any information I provide will be encrypted over the wire, I then can enter my username and password to prove my identity to Telstra, completing the 2-way trust allowing us to trustfully communicate.

We need an equivalent process over the phone, I propose that Telstra provide a way for us to verify that a call is from telstra.


By leveraging the existing SSL/HTTPS mechinism.  You could for example provide a simple verification form eg. https://telstra.com/verify, if we get a call from Telstra, we can request a verification code from the Telstra employee, we can jump on the internet, type in the code, the form would tell us if the code is valid, we can then safely provide details to Telstra to prove our identity completing the 2-way handshake allow us to communicate.

Something like this would stop most of the current phone scams and better still, it would stop your employee's from having to listen to my boring rant everytime they call me :smileyhappy:


Paying Bills online

Status: New Idea
by robbo19 on ‎13-07-2014 02:24 PM

Surely when the online account arrives there can be a link to go straight to the payment page. The current method stinks, especially when Telstra keep changing the log in pages. Even posting this is made difficult!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Status: Not_Likely
by markmc on ‎29-07-2014 09:29 PM

I dont know why Telstra has not woken up to the fact that their customers who have been with them for X amount of years....

shouldnt have to be on a contract.

Its like being slapped in the face each time you get told "this is what we can do for you".....No, what you can do for me is a better deal that saves me $$$$$ and for being a loyal customer.....you will put me on a month by month plan, no 12 / 24 months contracts, just have faith in them to stay with a company that thinks high of its "LOYAL" customers !!!

You look after your customers, they look after you....Rant over, cheers.

Status: Not_Likely

Lock Phone Number to current service provider

Status: New Idea
by Geoff_C8 on ‎26-07-2014 12:43 PM

I have just had a friend explain how she very nearly lost a large amount of money in the last week. Basically her bank account was hacked, and thats not the point of this post, as it will happen, and visible on her bank account is her mobile number, and of course heaps of personal information.


Using this information the hacker placed a port to another service provider, over the phone. This hacker was in a bit too much of a hurry, and when they did the bank transfer to their account, Westpac sent an SMS to the mobile phone number, which was still linked to my friends provider, so she immediately phoned Wespac and they shut the account. But thirty minutes later she lost her phone, it was ported. Had the hacker waited 30 minutes more, the sms would never have been received by the owner of the bank account, the hacker would have got it.


Now most of the bank security measures that are in force at the moment, assume you control your mobile phone number, maybe with a special app loaded on it. (ANZ has a thing called ANZ Shield) But if it is possible to port a number over the phone, as happened here, we are all at risk.


So, my request is that Telstra offer a LOCKED NUMBER facility, where it is essential to physically turn up at a Telstra shop, with photo ID to RELEASE the number if a port is required. This is no great hardship, and would offer a vast amount of security.


I believe the whole area of porting is a mess in Australia, and basically if a service provider receives a port request, they honour it. So all it takes is one dodgy or careless operator at a service provider, and you could lose your phone and even worse a whole pile of money out of your account before you realise what is going on.




Off shoring Telstra jobs.

Status: New Idea
by ChrisMcD on ‎24-07-2014 01:34 PM
Hi,<br><br>Just a comment about Telstra's idea to increase its off shore employee base and reducing the number of Australian workers, I am generally happy to pay the higher prices that come with using Telstra and is services, however if jobs are continually moved overseas I would find myseld less inclined to pay the higher premium over that of other competitors already doing the same.<br><br>I hope to see Telstra committed to maintaining it's work force in Australia to run an Australian company.

I have given a lot of thought to this subject and I think it's something Telstra should consider.


Of late Telstra have been offering special pricing deals to new customers to the exclusion of their long term customers. (For me that's 48 years).


I fully understand the theory behind the drive for new customers but the company should never forget those who have supported the company over many years.


What I would like to suggest is that Telstra offer bonus points to existing customers in a similar vein to Flybuys.


Such bonus points could be retrieved through applying such points to the paying bills or the purchase of new hardware from the company.


I hope others will contribute to my idea and between us all we may achieve an outcome that long term customers will find beneficial.




So we were a few days late with paying a Telstra bill.  So what do they do - impose a 12% penalty.  You'd have to be kidding!!!!   We've been customers for over 15 years!!!!!  

After calling bill payments, a lady called Rose credited the extra charges, but Telstra imposing fines on customers is ridiculous.  Are they a court, a police force?

Does it really cost Telstra $15 to process a late payment?????  Of course not!!!

Its unfortunate that the only phone provider in this area is Telstra otherwise I'd dump you in a minute!!!! 

And for any "Telstra-lovers" who disagree with me - wake up!!!!  Telstra charges are a rip off in the first place - they just cost too much for the service they provide.


Service towers

Status: New Idea
by Kimpridham on ‎08-07-2014 06:09 PM
More attention needs to be paid to rural areas in the central eyre peninsula towns such as wudinna. it is very hard to use Internet or mobile phones, which in this day and age is pretty poor. Your rural customers should not be at a disadvantage. Signal boosters should be much cheaper in areas where you provide poor service or have no plans to increase service. Getting out of contracts due to the poor service provided should not cost your customer anything other than the handset. Also as your call centre operators are mainly foreign and aren't very clearly spoken maybe they should look on a map where people live and don't recommend going to a Telstra store when the closest is 3 hours away.


Status: New Idea
by markmc on ‎02-08-2014 09:25 PM

Just another idea, Why cant a company duplicate your sim card (as in have 2 with the same number) surely a program could be made so both cant be used at the same time, and think about how good it would be to have your phone or to use in a tablet without having to swap (or if you have an iphone) and it all comes under one bill.

I know that's how they make extra cash by having 2 phone accounts......but how painful



educate your staff

Status: New Idea
by mailmatt on ‎13-05-2014 11:12 PM

I just received a call from a telstra support person telling me I cant subscribe to an afl live pass on my computer it has to done on a mobile.Unfortunately for them I was not able to answer the phone so they told me this in a voice messge which I have kept. If I was able to answer the call I could have told them that you can you subscribe on a pc as that is exactly what I have done. 

Your customer service problem is the left hand doesnt know what the right hand is doing and the right doesnt know what the   other five left hands are doing.

Ive been a residential 3g wireless broadband customer for many years now after transitioning from ISDN. My location never changes. I have worked in the ICT industry for over 30 years and have a deep understanding of the technologies and do not accept the "scripted" excuses from Telstra call centre staff about why myself and the many thousands of others in this situation cannot be migrated to a new product - RESIDENTIAL FIXED WIRELESS.

Regretably, I do not have an NBN fixed wireless option. Telstra's 3g is all I can get. I am now forced to pay $160 per month for a tiny 25GB allowance. This is not only robbery, but rediculas in 2014. If I lived 10km away, near a regional town, I could get hundreds of GB for $50 per month and have a range of ISP providers.

Telstra, you have a monopoly. I do not want MOBILE broadband. I know the technology exists (its quite easy really) to restirct my service to a certain tower so why not change your policy and create a new product for people like me. Just check out Whirlpool forums sometime to get an idea of the scale of this issue.

What do you intend to do about it?




PS. If Telstra decision makers were contactable, this would be much easier. Im so sick of dealing with foreign call centres who have no idea of the issue nor interest in a solution.



Data focus

Status: New Idea
by S70BlackHawk on ‎24-12-2013 01:19 PM
Hi there, I think it's about time Telstra wakes up to the societal change in which competitors such as Aldi which use the Telstra Network are doing. The change is the focus on the demand for more Data and less phone calls. Users are now given free SMS due to services such as iMessage. But you still focus on call charges and limited Data plans. I would rather see a drop on calls included and an increase in Data. With the invention of Facebook, FaceTime and Skype, users are currently forced to use WiFi connections rather than 4G/3G networks. And yet overseas plans are also offering unlimited Data plans! This is how the majority of consumers use the network, why not exploit that opportunity?

For some reason when we did not receive a Telstra bill via email & missed the payment due date ? why Telstra could not send a remider to the customer ?

Instead Telstra chose to charge customer with $15.00 for late payment bc not receiving the billing via email ???



Internet Speed

Status: New Idea
by Rabbit14 on ‎26-07-2014 12:21 PM

How come I have to ring up every month to get my cable internet speed put back to normal / standard speed. Yes I know it gets reduced to snails pace when you reach your limit each month, but surely when you take the money from my account for a new month Telstra, you should put the speed back to normal / standard?