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I currently pay for 3GB data across the 3 phones on my account yet can NOT get access to the unused portion of any phone to allocate to a phone that has over used it.


I ahve asked several times as to why this is not possible as my current employer does exactly this across all phones and ipads in the business abd the answer i get is its just not possible....well my response to that is BAH HUMBUG...everything is possible you just dont want to do it, is my thinking


So instead of ripping PERSONAL account holders off and giving all the benefits to BUSINESS customers, perhaps you need to offer this to others.

I have given a lot of thought to this subject and I think it's something Telstra should consider.


Of late Telstra have been offering special pricing deals to new customers to the exclusion of their long term customers. (For me that's 48 years).


I fully understand the theory behind the drive for new customers but the company should never forget those who have supported the company over many years.


What I would like to suggest is that Telstra offer bonus points to existing customers in a similar vein to Flybuys.


Such bonus points could be retrieved through applying such points to the paying bills or the purchase of new hardware from the company.


I hope others will contribute to my idea and between us all we may achieve an outcome that long term customers will find beneficial.




So we were a few days late with paying a Telstra bill.  So what do they do - impose a 12% penalty.  You'd have to be kidding!!!!   We've been customers for over 15 years!!!!!  

After calling bill payments, a lady called Rose credited the extra charges, but Telstra imposing fines on customers is ridiculous.  Are they a court, a police force?

Does it really cost Telstra $15 to process a late payment?????  Of course not!!!

Its unfortunate that the only phone provider in this area is Telstra otherwise I'd dump you in a minute!!!! 

And for any "Telstra-lovers" who disagree with me - wake up!!!!  Telstra charges are a rip off in the first place - they just cost too much for the service they provide.

hi - just some general feedback - went to buy 2 pre-sale tickets to Katy Perry concert this morning around 9.30 am

for the Brisbane concert and all the wheelchair seats had already been sold.  I understand there is not an unlimited number of wheelchair seats available but the gentleman seemed to suggest that on pre-sale only 10 seats had been released.  Seems a little unfair that I could have purchased 10 non-wheelchair seats through the pre-sale ticket offer yet couldn't get one wheelchair seat.  Perhaps a larger percentage of special needs seating needs to be released at pre-sale time - would appreciate your consideration of this matter.  thanks

Status: Under Review
Thank you for submitting your idea. We'll pass this onto the Telstra Thanks team

Data focus

Status: New Idea
by S70BlackHawk on ‎24-12-2013 01:19 PM
Hi there, I think it's about time Telstra wakes up to the societal change in which competitors such as Aldi which use the Telstra Network are doing. The change is the focus on the demand for more Data and less phone calls. Users are now given free SMS due to services such as iMessage. But you still focus on call charges and limited Data plans. I would rather see a drop on calls included and an increase in Data. With the invention of Facebook, FaceTime and Skype, users are currently forced to use WiFi connections rather than 4G/3G networks. And yet overseas plans are also offering unlimited Data plans! This is how the majority of consumers use the network, why not exploit that opportunity?

Telstra training tls

Status: New Idea
by D723449 on ‎14-03-2014 11:10 AM
Hi to Australia's leading telco company .<br>This is my last day with Telstra a company in which I was honored to have worked for .<br>Recently I resigned from my position partly because of personal reasons partly through frustration .<br>Telstra for all of its innovation and resources I from my short time their after working in many roll over my working life has a Achilles heel that large company's all suffer from . That of because of its size it can be slow to act on fixing and addressing issues. Two issues to bring forward are it's continuity of training structure how it is formatted who leads it and would question even it's value. A mixture of hitch learning aids that people training you have difficulty to get to work and it's I store training systems.<br>Then after coming from a hi end sale and customer service roll the delivery of service . Us as staff I have found to be first class but the systems in which we are tasked to work with are at best clunky over complicated how quick job can turn into a lengthy process . Then with our metrics / survey about our service it is split into the staff member and telstra systems in were by staff are hamstrung by the operation of the computer systems . I found this to very aggravating . I love that as a corporate citizen telsta cares about it image but for future clients work on real and total customer service . Employ real people who are working for their client not just to fill in while they study at uni or find a real career some put it .<br>As I started with Telstra has so many positive . Be rid of the political stagnation and the yes men in the middle ranks .<br>Lets not sit in quiet slumber about being the biggest and their for we are the best.<br>I said my piece .<br>May Telstra be ever strong flexible reactive and competitive a great Australia icon .<br><br>Kind regards<br>John Dawson
I reckon it would be way more convenient to have the contract end date available for us to check online on our my account and on the telstra 24x7 app. I never remember when my contract end dates are and I would rather search it by myself online then either wait on the phone to check it or wait in line just to ask for it.
Status: Under Review
We’ve updated Telstra My Account with some new features so you can now find out information about Early terminations of contracts (ETC) and the contract end date in My Account. This is only just the start of a new phase of ETC related information that will be available to customers on a Self Serve basis to help them find the information they need at the click of a button.

Increased upload speed on Ultimate Cable

Status: New Idea
by Futur on ‎28-02-2014 10:12 PM

2.4 megabit upload speeds on cable isn't quick enough for an 'ultimate' service. It is far too asymmetric of a service and needs to be at least aligned with the Velocity service on offer.


Many applications require significant upstream bandwidth and an increase to a minimum of 5mbit would be fantastic.




A seniors bundle

Status: New Idea
by Luvs_footie on ‎13-04-2013 03:20 PM

I am retired and certainly am not a phone-alcoholic.


Currently I have a Telstra mobile.......bigpond internet  and a home phone.


My bigpond allowance is 200GB which I use approx 20% of.


On my mobile I have an allowance of $550 per month for calls ....Again I use approx 20%.


As for my mobile internet usage it is almost zero.


My home phone is on the "everyday" bundle with my internet and I get free local calls and free call to Telstra mobiles.


My current monthly spend is $154.00.


What I'm trying to say is that most retired people on fixed incomes feel more comfortable in knowing what their monthly spend is.




Seniors bundle should look something like this.......


100GB of Bigpond allowance.


Free calls to all national landlines and Telstra mobiles.


With  mobiles........$200 worth of included calls and say 50MB of internet usage and of course any costs involve in amotising  a phone purchase through Telstra .


Would like to see Telstra cost this suggestion up.


Thank you











T Box remote connectivity

Status: New Idea
by Rastik86 on ‎09-02-2014 11:54 AM
It would be great if you could use your smart phone to setup recordings on the T Box.<br><br>For example: go into Remote Connectivity in menu, spits out a unique code, open T Box Remote App on phone, put in unique code and pair with T Box. While put and about think &quot;damn I want to watch that and I'm not going to get home to record it&quot;. No problem, open app on phone scroll through guide, click program, click Record on T Box, app communicates through internet with your unique code and remotely sets your T Box to record desired program.<br><br>I can do it with some programs I use to download things wherever and whenever using this setup they provide through an app/smart phone compatible website

I think it would be a good idea if you sent an email to Bigpond customers when you have a planned outage occuring in their area.


The electricity company send a letter when services are going to be disrupted, why can't Bigpond send an email?



Recharging 24hour Grace Period for Prepaid Mobile

Status: New Idea
by RES on ‎06-02-2014 07:07 PM
Currently, if a prepaid mobile customer fails to recharge before their expiry date/time, any remaining credit is lost. My idea is to give a 24 hour grace period after the credit expires, so that recharging within 24 hours preserves remaining credit.<br>Telstra makes it difficult for customers to find out the exact time at which their credit expires, as the time information is not available via MyAccount, 24/7 app, etc, only the date. Depending on time of the previous recharge, the expiry time will vary within the quoted expiry day.<br>Having a 24 hour grace period will avoid the current situation of customers getting angry if they are slightly late to recharge, and find out their remaining credit has been lost. It also provided an incentive for a customer to recharge promptly with Telstra, after being notified that their credit has expired (and not switch to another carrier as they may do if their credit has been lost anyway.) I see this as a win-win for Telstra and customers.

Suggestion for My accounts

Status: New Idea
by Senior Moderators on ‎12-07-2013 06:54 AM

User ChelseaDame, has suggested the following:

How about an area where notes can be kept by the user  in regards to correspondence and phone calls they have made to Telstra and how about Telstra automatically put a copy of all documentation sent to the client either by email or ordinary mail in an area there also.

Given that Telstra hands out a ticket for almost every phone call, is there a way to list out all the tickets under My Account and Billing - This way when users ring up they can quote tickets and both the operator and end user can see the public notes in the ticket.

Also this allows the user to track what is happening wiht the ticket and reduce the number of phone calls.


Direct debit

Status: New Idea
by feesfees on ‎11-12-2013 11:35 AM

I accepted Direct debit for ease of monthly payment, especially while out of town. However I find that each month I am charged a credit card fee. This means for making it easier for Telstra I am paying some twelve dollars extra per year. I find this exaggerated. How do I get this across to Telstra? Am I the only one objecting to this?  


Bill Payment Due Notificaion

Status: New Idea
by Gloria42 on ‎09-12-2013 09:41 PM
It would be very useful to have a link (like the payment extension one highlighted in blue) that goes directly to the payment page, so we can go directly via the link to make a payment.

random weekly prizes to long term customers

Status: New Idea
by joeric on ‎07-12-2013 12:44 PM

random weekly prizes to long term customers ( make them feel more valuable (because telecoms competition is very fierce) ;-)


Data Plans

Status: New Idea
by Nez on ‎01-12-2013 06:17 PM

I know these sort of messages are posted all the time, but it's about time Telstra review their plans as the current plan I am on is just not suitable.


I am half way through my 24 month plan and after looking at the competitors, Telstra's plans aren't very competitive at all. I am on a $80 a month plan on the iPhone 5. I receive $800 worth of calls, unlimited texts but only 1.5GB a month. On average, I use about $30-50 a month on calls. It's the data I need and have to purchase a $30 data pack every month. On average I download 3GB a month, but sometimes a little higher if I have a big software update. The data packs available, jump from 1GB to 3GB. Why not in between?


Why can't Telstra at least have an extra 1 GB in with the plan to make is competitive and downgrade the calls as over the past 12 months, I keep reading that it's the data people need and not the calls. To get a decent amount of data, people have to pay at least $80 a month.


I would like to know when the plans are going to be reviewed as it's clear consumers are not happy at all. I am one of many!


email answer to posts

Status: New Idea
by DragonJewel on ‎23-01-2014 12:17 PM

Could the "Email me when someone replies" box default to YES (ticked). I do not think many would NOT want to know if they got an answer. I find I forget to tick until just as I hit post. This means I need to come back to check all the time. I note there are many answers to questions that have no followup by the originator to say if it fixed the problem. I suspect many just do not come back at all.


And by the way there is no label for ideas to make crowd support better.