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  • Re: error 413 on NBN Is the quality of the streamed video dependant on the available bandwidth of the internet connection?  If so, the settings in …
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  • Re: T82 phone on sale at AusPost: how current? Peter, It is a 2 year old model.  Still a pretty good workhorse and one of the few that allows an external antenna to be …
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  • Re: Telstra home bundle - M On the "M" plan, you will be charged a maximum of $2 per call to mobiles. Calls to Australian landlines are included in the m …
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  • Re: Telstra broadband speed believable? ADSL just can't compete with cable on speed. The maximum speed you could ever expect on an ADSL system is the minimum you should e …
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  • Re: How to improve upload? I assume that you mean 0.6Mbps? Not really much you can do to improve the upload speed above that.  Uploads max out at a …
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  • Re: kit kat 4.4.2 l bought my Galaxy Note 2014 a couple of months ago and it came with 4.4.2 installed.Try updating using Kies.As far as newer devic …
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  • Re: Android Visual Voicemail release plan? My Voicemail already gets converted to text and is sent to me as an SMS.Personally, l hate it.Too many mistakes which mean half th …
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  • Re: Emergency Calls only Is it a Pre-Paid or Post-Paid phone? If it is Pre-Paid, then it could be out of credit.You could try removing the SIM and putting …
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  • Re: Second phone line Assuming that you only want/need one active phone/internet service in the house, call an electrician and get them to connect all t …
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