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  • Re: Pre-paid networks for samsung s3 3g If it is an i9300T then you will be OK. If it is an i9300 it may not operate properly on the NextG network.
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  • Re: Change IP That is unless someone in your household hasn't gone and applied QOS on the router to stop you from hogging all the bandwidth.
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  • Re: slow NBN Firstly, they aren't guaranteed speeds. They are "up to" speeds. But yes, your download rate is quite slow for an NBN service. How …
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  • Re: Telstra Cold call stuff-up 1. Do not accept delivery of the package when it arrives.2. Pop back in to the Telstra shop and get Alexis to contact them again a …
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  • Re: Cannot receive emails What is the message that the sending party is receiving when it is bounced back? It could be a number of issues,  the address …
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  • Re: LG G3 Bluetooth Streaming Skipping Telstra test to make sure that the phone and mobile data functions work on their network correctly. Other functionality is up to L …
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  • Re: Foxtel If you have ADSL,  and it is fast enough, you can get Foxtel on TBox.  It is a cut down product and probably isn't what …
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  • Re: i would like to know how to review my weekly email notification on usage of internet What weekly email notification would this be? Do you currently get one from somewhere, or are you wanting to set one up somehow?
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  • Re: Shockingly bad ADSL speed. Those speeds are appalling. On the cable front, have you applied to get a Cable connection?  It's not an automatic assum …
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