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  • Re: Why have warranty? The leave it for 2 weeks is the warranty repairs. If you take it in to the Miranda store, they may be able to offer you a loaner p …
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  • Re: Get cable internet The townhouse may need to be backboned if it is part of a strata title arrangement (ie a connection that is wired throughout the p …
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  • Re: Gmail on Bigpond Broadband Try setting up oultook using the instructions here: http://www.emailaddressmanager.com/tips/outlook-gmail.html 
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  • Re: Telstra Gateway Max C6300BD 1TLAUS (Cable Modem) - logs Unless you are tracking them on your computer, you are out of luck.  The modem/routers do not track the traffic that passes t …
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  • Re: Why have warranty? The only time you should have to pay for repairs is if they are caused by damage. If theyare faults they should be repaired free o …
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  • Re: HELP WITH ROAMING Have you tried turning international data roaming on for a short period of time (so it can register with the local network)?   …
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  • Re: Sending and Receiving MMS over WiFi Unfortunately it is a telephone technology rather than a computer techology, so it goes over the phone's data, not wifi. And I don …
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