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  • Re: T-Box is Dead, Long Live Telstra TV Real problem is that those people need one box to do everything they need.  They can't cope with having to use multiple devic …
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  • Re: T-Box is Dead, Long Live Telstra TV So, it has the same functionality as my Samsung 3D Bluray PVR without the Bluray, the FTA, the PVR........Hang on, what's left? Th …
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  • Re: Netflix We would need a few more details. Where are you getting stuck? It is usually just a process of going to the login screen and …
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  • Re: DSL line status It is highly unlikely that you would be abe to utilise your line at maximum speed due to 2 main factors:Congestion at the exchange …
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  • Re: Telstra Air usage questions. Unfortunately FON do not currently have a presence in New Zealand, so you will need to make other arrangements for internet access …
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  • New Idea Re: Solar Panels at Exchanges Around Australia That is, until the exchanges effectively become redudant very soon.  While exchanges consume a reasonable amount of power, th …
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  • Solution Re: windows 10 The Windows 10 download will be counted against your download limit.  It is about a 3GB download from latest reports (will pr …
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  • Re: Telstra Long Range 12750 Twin Cordless Phone You could either call the manufacturer (vtech) on 1300 369 193 (number in the Manual) and order a new battery or you could ta …
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