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  • Ekm received a +1 Kudo!
  • Ekm received a +1 Kudo!
  • Re: StarTrack Delivery Issue Ok to those who said the nightmare was only just beginning, you were right! After being assured last Wednesday that the phone was …
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  • Re: StarTrack Delivery Issue It's crazy isn't it!  Hope you get some answers soon too!
    0 Kudos 21376 Views
  • Re: StarTrack Delivery Issue This has not been solved.  After a very long wait at Telstra I was transferred to star track who disconnected me three times …
    0 Kudos 22257 Views
  • Solution Re: StarTrak delivery! I just called Telstra again and they said they do not deliver Saturdays? This is soconfusing! 
    0 Kudos 50680 Views
  • Re: StarTrack Delivery Issue Hey Ben, completely understand where you are coming from.  To be honest I was surprised pre-orders started arriving yesterday …
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  • Re: StarTrack Delivery Issue I did not miss the delivery as they NEVER came, there is no card, it's strange that I have to nowchase them around to see why they …
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  • Solution Re: StarTrak delivery! The same has happened to me, I have been home all day, there is no card left anywhere, yet Isupposedly missed the courier at 12:40 …
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