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  • Re: feedback Oh thats a pity about the spacing around the widget because the way it is now it takes up way too much space for my homescreen. I …
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  • feedback Thought i'd let you know anyway that the headings on the widget are not aligned up with the correct totals ie 1 - Bonus&p …
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  • Re: Usage details on Myaccount. Thank you Esther it is for prepaid mobile and the usage is general useage on the myaccount page. Under Plans and usage there …
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  • Usage details on Myaccount. Hi I'm not getting usage details for the last 30 days on the Myaccount webpage. I am getting an error message "Sorry, your us …
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  • Solution Re: Nexus 4 and Network Speed I have a Nexus 4 too and am very happy with network speeds, generally getting between 7 to 19mbs, compared to my friends iphone 4 …
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  • Solution Re: 24/7 not saving username or password. Thanks have been using it now for a few days and it works well, saves password now too.
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