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  • Re: Lumia 950XL & 950: Availability/General Interest I hope Telstra decides to go with this product! I want to use it on the network without equal  But seriously, I do.
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  • Solution Re: Lumia 920 GDR2/1308 Firmware Schikitar wrote:@longjohn1987, I'm not sure exactly what podcast support you are after but I use Podcast Lounge which is an awesom …
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  • Solution Re: Lumia 920 GDR2/1308 Firmware duckydy wrote:Updated my phone this morning. The update took about 15 minutes for myself. Can anyone confirm if they have datasens …
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  • Re: Handset updates - 18 July Thanks for that update craig! Will the release be staggered that you know of?
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  • Re: Handset updates - 17 June What has happened to the updates with Telstra recently? Even Vodafone can update people on a regular basis... Telstra is being lef …
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