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  • Re: "My Bigpond" not recognising my account automatically. If your wifi and reduce data usage were both off, do you mind posting how you solved the issue as it may help others in the future …
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  • Re: Frustrating!! Ah, what you are saying now could provide another answer.In the past Telstra did allow up to 60db in attenuation for ADSL connecti …
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  • Re: why does my internet drop out when the phone rings Yeah but inline is often cheaper and easier than a central splitter/filter with a visit from a sparky.
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  • Re: Netgear 785S cradle Hi Marty,That is a tough one, especially as you are trying to force the signal to go in a downwards direction when normally wifi p …
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  • Verified Answers Re: What happens when you bills been delayed I do hope with any delayed bill that Telstra don't breach the Telecommunications Consumer Protection Codes and ensure that no matt …
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  • Re: 320GB downloaded in 4 days (BLEEP)??? I understand you might want them to tell you, but you only have to look at the backlash when the Government wanted ISPs to start s …
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  • Re: Update eligibility for StaffConnect plan. I was wondering the same thing, being that Sensis is no longer Telstra, that may be why it's not eligible for a staff discount.&nb …
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  • Re: data pack Just make sure that it's activated before you continue to use data as you may have to pay for excess data that is incurred until i …
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