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  • Re: Telstra prepaid Essentially, there is no way to do this. You could request customer service to extend your expiry date(s) as a goodwill gesture, b …
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  • Re: Mobile Data Sessions Data session lengths are like a pieces of string. I've had some go for seconds, and others for many days (using an iPhone5).Genera …
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  • Re: 4G Device overheats - battery critical - shutdowns My suggestion would be to contact the retailer and see if you can seek service under warranty for the device.
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  • Re: How can I upgrade my internet plan from 50gb to 200gb please? Normally a plan upgrade can be completed from your MyAccount page. If for some reason this isn't able to be performed you can eith …
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  • Re: New contract while paying bill Just a quick follow up to IvanS' post.When they talk about paying off any remaining MRO in full, you have to remember that the amo …
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  • Re: Change Mobile Number Your phone number is attached to your SIM card, as opposed to a particular device. You should be able to simply put your SIM in th …
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  • Re: T-Box Troubleshooting & Resets In all honesty, it sounds as though you will have to speak to T-Box support with regards to this one. If you've performed a hard r …
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  • Re: rollover credit I don't believe 'starter credit' rolls over like normal 'recharge' credit does.That being said, from my experience as a Pre-Paid ( …
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