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  • Blog Re: T-Cloud being discontinued from the 15th July 2015 With very competitively priced major players such as One Drive, Dropbox, Box.net being specialists in the market it isn't surprisi …
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  • Re: Stan Offer I um *cough* got the email too *cough*. I think I might have been mistaken earlier when I said I didn't get it. Yeah, definitely d …
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  • Solution Re: Presto streaming or download? Up to 20 seconds is reasonable, as I say, to smooth out a connection that goes up and down a little bit. It isn't however use …
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  • Kalak received a +1 Kudo!
  • Kalak received a +1 Kudo!
  • Re: New cable modem activation That's good to hear. Thanks for getting back on and letting us know.
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  • Re: Refund for AFL App Not enough people, but they do form the binding agreement between you and the provider. If you are seeking a refund based on terms …
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  • Solution Re: Presto streaming or download? 8Mbps should certainly be good enough to stream Presto content without issue. I believe they suggest 3-5Mbps.Have you tried the bo …
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