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  • Kalak received a +1 Kudo!
  • Kalak received a +1 Kudo!
  • Blog Re: Community Recognition - August 2015 Congratulations to the new (and old) faces in the recognitions this month.
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  • Kalak received a +1 Kudo!
  • Kalak received a +1 Kudo!
  • Re: Possibility of CI on Foxtel T-Box? Would be good if they offered more full-featured options, though they are pretty good.However it's also understandable that they r …
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  • Re: Packet Loss If you have static/noise on the line report it as a voice fault on 132203. This will most certainly cause a big impact on your DSL …
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  • Kalak received a +1 Kudo!
  • Solution Re: Afl subscription not working You generally get a 2 week trial on new subscriptions, so that may be why the Galaxy appeared to work for some time. Just double c …
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