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  • Re: Strange goings on - LTS no, 3G yes Thanks victor.I did that field test as described and the settings were already telstra.wap Problem still exists.
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  • Re: Strange goings on - LTS no, 3G yes Yes, apologies, I meant LTE.My phine is an iphone 5.I just asked around the office and another guy told me he has LTE disabled all …
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  • Strange goings on - LTS no, 3G yes Hi All, I have been struggling to send / receive MMS. When I switched off 'use LTS' and the phone went back to 3G only, the MMS' w …
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  • Solution Re: Overseas Travel Hi jokiinI understand about turning data roaming off whilst overseas. Turning cellular data off works anywhere you say, so why not …
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  • Solution Re: Overseas Travel So, why is there the option to turn cellular data off? Struggling to understand the difference.Does cellular data only apply to th …
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  • Solution Overseas Travel Hi All,First post. Searched many threads for what I think are simple questions, but cant get direct answers. I think one is answer …
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