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  • Re: On Forwarding Emails Hi Stiffie in that case it should be just a matter of right clicking on the email and then click "forward". I just tried …
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  • Re: On Forwarding Emails Hi Stiffie could you advise what email client you are using. ie.........Windows live mail...........MS Outlook.......... …
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  • Re: Technicolor TG797n v3 WOES! Wireless Printer doesn't print until I hit the 'ON' button I have connected my Lexmark lazer printer to the same model modem via USB cable and it works fine for my laptop and desktop.  …
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  • Re: T Hub 2 questions Hi langy59 As I understand things Telstra have ceased selling the T-HUB2. If you check out E-bay you might get a good de …
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  • Re: Forwarding bigpond emails Hi Bubbles16 That page you posted has the correct instructions. I would suggest you recheck your settings and test the s …
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  • Solution Re: My added email addresses Hi ShazziB You might try this link. https://myaccount.bigpond.com/MyServices.do You will then have to sign in, but …
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  • Wallpapers for T-Hub 2 Hi guys, I found this app that does a really top job of adjusting pics to fit T-Hub 2 tablet screen. https://play.google …
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  • Re: INTERNET DROPS OUT Hi GP897 I am on ADSL2+ and had that very same problem recently. It turned out it was being caused by a faulty splitter. …
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  • Re: EXTREMELY SLOW ADSL2+ 2MBPS DOWN 0.7 MBPS UP HELP !!!!!!! Hi Ryan, I live in the Caboolture area and am also on ADSL 2+ and here are my results from the Ookla site. Ping 22ms&nbs …
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