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  • Re: What are your Average ADSL2+ Speeds? HI ya Lloydy21 You are doing about the same as me and I'm talking KB's. Which is by the way faster than you friends 2Mbp …
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  • Re: how do i manage how many users are logged into my bigpond wifi Hi AJA078 just to add a little to Deanja's reply. You can open your web browser and type in That will bring …
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  • Re: USB Printer Sharing on DEVG2020 Hi ya Beagle, Thanks for that link. A mate has just given a PREMIUM BUSINESSGATEWAY - DEVG2020 modem and that info could …
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  • Re: Windows Mail Hi jenfer Can't say I've ever come across this problem before. Could I ask..........how are you accessing your emails?&n …
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  • Re: thub Hi easy As I said at the start that problem you are experiencing is weird. Perhaps you could give Technical support a ca …
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  • Re: dissatisfied with product xperia z2 Hi ya beetle84 While I only have a Z1 with 4.4.4 it's all I need in a mobile. Some time in the new year according to Son …
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  • Re: thub Hi easy That sure is weird. I don't think the handset would be downloading anything. BTW have you registered the ex …
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