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  • Re: New NBN connection - slower than ADSL2 Hi melclift Could I ask.......is your NBN service FTTP (fibre to the premises) or perhaps FTTN (fibre to the node) ?
    0 Kudos 106 Views
  • Re: USB ports on Telstra Modem Hi Haristone If you have a USB printer you can plug it into the modem and it can be setup as a print server. There are i …
    0 Kudos 79 Views
  • Re: NBN bundle rates? DrQwerty90 Mate, after many phone calls and moving a lot of things around I found a box over in one corner of the Telstra sto …
    0 Kudos 107 Views
  • Re: NBN bundle rates? Yeah.......LOL You read my mind. Sometimes it gets so frustrating trying to help Telstra one wonders why bother. As …
    0 Kudos 201 Views
  • Re: NBN bundle rates? Hi DrQwerty90 Yes I read all that. But the bit that got me was this....... "THE NBN ISN’T AVAILABLE IN YOUR AREA YE …
    0 Kudos 218 Views
  • NBN bundle rates? Hi all, as I've mentioned before my contracts for mobile and home broadband is coming to an end........my mobile on 13th of D …
    0 Kudos 228 Views
  • Re: Factory Reset T-Hub 2 Hi ya pammy9999 Your situation seems strange. I have a T-Hub2 and have done a number of resets over the past 2 years and …
    0 Kudos 70 Views
  • New Idea Re: Bonus points for long standing Telstra customers Hi ya RuralGav I will agree that Telstra has the best coverage as of now but with the NBN and other technoligies that will no …
    0 Kudos 31 Views
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