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  • Re: Bundle Rates - Existing Customers Hi Rissallan1  I guess it begs the question.........what are the real benefits of being a loyal long term cust …
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  • Re: loyality Hi mark2015 Perhaps you might have a read of what's posted in the link below and add any suggestions you might have. Che …
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  • Re: Bundle Rates - Existing Customers Hi Kalak  I must say I'm very disappointed to see that existing long term customers have been forgotten once again.  …
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  • Re: Email Hi Tauna  You could go here and check if there is any known problems in your area, http://servicestatus.bigpond.com …
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  • Re: The wait is over: Android 5.0 Lollipop will begin public rollout today Come on guys What's your problem. Telstra will release updates in due course when they do their checks. Exactly wha …
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  • Re: Very slow adsl2 Hi gcjc  I'm on ADSL 2+ and am approx 4 kls from the exchange. My speeds are as follows........... Down & …
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