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  • ADSL and VDSL Gateway modems Hi all, The area I'm in is involved in a Fibre to the node (FTTN) trial roll-out. I currently have a Telstra Technicolor …
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  • Re: Software Updates 09/04/2015 Hi rsp355 With all due respect I believe you should be addressing your software updates complaints to the manufacturer of you …
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  • Re: Software Updates 09/04/2015 Hi CraigR Spotted this article........ Loads of Sony Xperia phones getting Android Lollipop update imminently Accor …
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  • Re: T-Hub 2 advice Hi kema I hope I'm understanding what you are asking. I assume you are saying you have two phone connection points and w …
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  • Re: The wait is over: Android 5.0 Lollipop will begin public rollout today Hi ya boomer03 I have an xperia z1 and Sony hasn't released Lollipop for my phone yet. So it's hardly Telstra's fault I …
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  • Re: T-Hub handset problem Hi kitty1 First up here's a link to go to and once there you will see downloads for the manual of your t-Hub. https://ww …
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  • Re: 200 gig data cap increase Hi KatieBrown Yes it's a nice surprise. While my allocation was updated almost 2 weeks ago I received a card in the post …
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  • Re: 200 gig data cap increase bgodsall That's nonsense. I'm on a bundle and I got my increase in data a week or so ago. Cheers
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