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  • Re: delete channel from tbox Correct, you cannot delete channels, but you can "hide" them by filtering them out. Using the remote, and the guide, you can filte …
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  • Re: Netflix arrival in March 2015 and unmetered data Given that Telstra owns half of Foxtel, I seriously doubt it. Too early to speculate, and I suspect that people will just go …
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  • Re: 5GB usage per day Hi @evangeline , and welcome to Crowdsupport. First off, can you check what devices are accessing your wifi router, just …
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  • Re: High Uploads eating up my data allowance Hey @kaela  welcome to crowdsupport. Have you got a bittorrent application on a PC? Odd that 20GB could be done in …
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  • Re: Withheld bill Hey yooyoo, and welcome to crowdsupport, This happened to me earlier this year. I was worried about it, so I contacted b …
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