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  • Re: Telstra identification not good enough. @aldeberan, steady on there.  DEANJA isn't defending Telstra, and he's certainly not flippant. If you want to get help, be a …
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  • Re: settop box Don't forget the new Telstra TV box will also do Presto. 
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  • Re: NBN Conjestion - No fault found !!! Hey @Shaunee, Certainly wierd, but a couple of things. As I understand it, you have download speeds of 95MB/s during "o …
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  • Re: Different Dial Tone Hey @StuCroydon36, Now that's odd.  Can't see how changing a bundle could chnage your ringtone since it's part of your …
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  • Re: Bigpond cable and Windows 10 Hey @bwg01 @ProfessorPhone,  I've done about a dozen upgrades now for various people, NBN, ADSL and Cable, even some ( …
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  • Love it so much, turning off my phone data limits :-)  For the first time in almost 3 years,  my Phone data went over my data allowance for the month, because I needed to use …
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