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I had previously been able to access my router and various equipment on my local network via a Dynamic DNS service & port forwarding. That was until a few days ago when I found I could no longer do this. I now cannot access my router via the external ...

Level 1: Cadet

Just downloaded the home dashboard app today, and the pencil is missing, and the MAC addresses aren’t being shown at all.   Now I can find off the IP addresses OK but can’t edit the tabs, any thoughts.

Community Manager TommyR Community Manager
Community Manager


We’re continually innovating and upgrading our technology to improve your Telstra Air® app experience.  

Level 1: Cadet

I can use the smart home app on my Iphonex etc. but how do I use my Mac book pro to do the same.  

Level 1: Cadet

The tesltra tech in town gave me the old Centrelink/DHS modem when he replaced all their equipment locally for them.   It is a Telstra home gateway max tg799vac. He seemed to think with a factory reset it would be fine. It works really well on my int ...

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Community Manager


Back in April 2018 we gave two of our very own Brains Trust,  @ForensicsGuru and @cf4 the new  Samsung Galaxy S9 as well as the Samsung Galaxy S9+ to review.    

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Support Team MichealW
Support Team

We’re aware that certain devices e.g. iPads & iPhones running iOS 9 were having difficulty viewing live games over the last few rounds. We have been advised that this issue has now been rectified. If you are running iOS 9 on your device, please unins ...

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Community Manager

Google Home Revisted 600x400px.jpg

Did you know that Google Home can now be used as a Bluetooth speaker?  

Level 1: Cadet

Hi, Im laid up with a broken leg and want to watch the AFL on my MacBook Pro. I thought this would be easy but seems very difficult. I am Foxtel Platinum HD user and the question seems too hard for Telstra Foxtel support to answer. Any suggestions gr ...

Level 1: Cadet

About a month ago i decided to acitvate my Free AFL live pass. but i have not beein able to access it, the subscription is just doing nothing. i have spoken to a handful of people about this issue but nobody can give me a straight answer how to fix t ...

Community Manager TommyR Community Manager
Community Manager


We're ceasing sales of Telstra-branded ZTE mobiles and mobile broadband devices through our stores and partners.

Level 1: Cadet

Hi was unable to access my itunes to buy afl pass, so i signed up for a telstra id and purchased a monthly afl pass, however i am unable to access through the app because im not a telstra customer and no not have access to itunes. I need a refund

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Why is it asking me to subscribe when I am already subscribed?

Community Manager Emmasis Community Manager
Community Manager

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Find out more about changes to your Home Wireless Broadband and BigPond Mobile Broadband Plans