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what is best data pre paid plan.....

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Hi my number has been travelling between a couple of providers including Telstra over the past few weeks and after lots of issues my number is back with Telstra which I had hoped to resolve my issues but unfortunately this is not the case. Prior to p ...

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Following a 10 day outage of Foxtel and Broadband internet affecting a large area I have been subjected to bogus operators speaking with an Indian Accent trying to scam me with tech support. I understand that Telstra use a Phillpino based call centre ...

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I ordered a new phone online. The new phone feeling option didn’t go through, for some unknown reason. I found out when my bill came in at $850 and Telstra didn’t send me a bag for my old phone to be sent back in. I was told to post my phone back mys ...

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Hi I have 1 year old overdue bill with Telstra. I want to clear it off by paying the whole amount as I was overseas and couldn’t keep e track.
Can I still get a Sim only plan with Telstra after paying off the debt ?

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Big issues with my NRL app...couldn't access live games on weekend or open and read latest NRL news. Deleted app then reinstated it ..,still the same...I have an iPhone 5...please sort it out for me Telstra....I live out in the bush and live to wa ...

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Hi team,

I have request the bundle service for internet and home phone over a week now. Can you please check and advise when the service will be provided? I have been told the connection will be taken 5-7 business day which now over a week. Thank you

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Is anyone experiencing an adsl internet outage in Maleny?

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My TV screen shows 'Tuning In' and a wheel. Have had no problems for about a month now this.

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I just purchased MX plan and it showing $39 online on computer website and showing $49 on mobile website when i purchased it online it charged me $49!! Would this be credited back on a monthly? I did purchase online on the SAME website