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Hi, I have enjoyed using my IPAD 2 to access for several years but it appears that after looking into the fine print that for my 2018 subscription ( which I get thru my online club membership) that IPAD's below IPAD 4 are no longer supported?.. This ...

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What is the best software to run Telstra bigpond mail on

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We’re continually innovating and upgrading our technology to improve your Telstra Air® app experience.  

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How does a $30 pre paid sim work? If calls are unlimited, when does the $30 expire?

Level 1: Cadet

Cairns Queensland 4870

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Back in April 2018 we gave two of our very own Brains Trust,  @ForensicsGuru and @cf4 the new  Samsung Galaxy S9 as well as the Samsung Galaxy S9+ to review.    

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Did you know that Google Home can now be used as a Bluetooth speaker?  

Level 1: Cadet

I moved into a new rental 3 weeks ago and have been experiencing constant drop outs. They are random - sometimes it's stable all day, and other times it drops out 50 times per day. I've done all the troubleshooting steps and tried 3 different modems ...

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We're ceasing sales of Telstra-branded ZTE mobiles and mobile broadband devices through our stores and partners.

Level 1: Cadet

I have been experiencing drop outs daily on my nbn. We have been gathering information on the drop outs and it seems to happen around 7am, 1pm & 7pm daily and when it goes it's in & out for roughly an hour. I've been getting the run around from telst ...

Level 2: Rookie

Recently was sold two Nighthawk M1 modem/routers as upgrades for Gateway modems. I use these on my farm for uploading security systems, weather, data banks, controlling water systems etc. Two issues:1. They go into sleep mode and need to be manually ...

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Find out more about changes to your Home Wireless Broadband and BigPond Mobile Broadband Plans