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Hi, am experiencing consistently slow D/L speeds (under 5 Mbps). We have: Speed Boost NBN Standard Plus Speed Boost - This should achieve 40-50 Mbps I think. Can someone advise what I should look at on MyGateway? DSL is showing as disconnected, Ether ...

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Our big pond movies app on our Samsung smart tv will no longer load movies - we’ve paid for 2 and neither have loaded.... how do we fix it and can we get our money back?

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We’re continually innovating and upgrading our technology to improve your Telstra Air® app experience.    

Level 1: Cadet

Just got fixtel bundle with telstra other half is crying cause theres no syfy how can i get syfy

Level 1: Cadet

We swapped to NBN about a month ago. Good speed to start for approx 2 weeks and now it is terrible! Our download and upload speeds are only 0.2  mpgs. I have tried turning off and different phone points but still no improvement.The NBN box no longer ...

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Introducing a new Family and Friends offer with our popular lease plans added with the Samsung Galaxy S9 64GB!        

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Approximately 3 weeks ago I switched our Telstra service over to the Telstra TV bundle with the included 24 months of Foxtel Now subscription. This was the biggest selling point for going with this bundle as Foxtel was getting so expensive and we wer ...

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Is a Panasonic KX-TG2511AL CORDLESS COMPATIBLE WITH A TELSTRA MODEM &if so which connection do I plug into the base 


Back in April 2018 we gave two of our very own Brains Trust,  @ForensicsGuru and @cf4 the new  Samsung Galaxy S9 as well as the Samsung Galaxy S9+ to review.    

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The last 3 days my email is out , I can receive emails but cant read them, also cannot send emails, yet another Telstra F@ck up no wonder people are moving to TPG your service is useless !!. No emails or letters to your customers advising a change to ...

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Support Team

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Did you know that Google Home can now be used as a Bluetooth speaker?  

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Since last Update AFL app by Telstra will connect using Mobile Data or WIFI. Internet not available popup appears. Something about firmware 4.4.4 will not work whereas 5 & above OK. Bull**bleep** lockout by Telstra not AFL. Worked OK last year until ...

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I have discussed with Telstra for the past 2 years of my central nervous system illness, and that I suffer intensely from wireless radiation, and I use only a corded phone and no wireless in our home. I discovered the problem with 5GHz when I receive ...


  The decision to cease sales of Telstra-branded ZTE mobiles and mobile broadband devices through our stores and partners has been reversed. 

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