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Level 1: Cadet

I tried to rent a movie as I do regularly and as it was charging to my telstra bill like normal it stopped & said (error message: were sorry there appears to be an error with your transaction, please try again later).
I've tried over 2 days, read othe ...

Level 2: Rookie

Can anyone help me.  It has been 2 months now and I am unable to get my mother's phone connected.  My mother moved from her home to an Assisted Living place on the Gold Coast and either her or I have spent 1.5hrs plus on the phone every single day ov ...

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Introducing a new Family and Friends offer with our popular lease plans added with the Samsung Galaxy S9 64GB!        

Level 1: Cadet

Not sure if i'm in the right forum section but here goes. My phoneline is with telstra, although we don't have a phone in place we just needed a line for the internet! The wires from the phone line have come out of the adapter that then runs via ethe ...

Level 2: Rookie

Anyone here on the HFC NBN connection and have their internet working using Telstra Smart Modem Gen2 (Arcadyan)?  If so, what version firmware do you have on your modem/router? Mine doesn't want to work when using this modem - I can access Facebook, ...


Back in April 2018 we gave two of our very own Brains Trust,  @ForensicsGuru and @cf4 the new  Samsung Galaxy S9 as well as the Samsung Galaxy S9+ to review.    

Level 2: Rookie

Apologies if the location of this post is incorrect.Up until a couple of years ago our mobile phones had reception right throughout our house … in the last 6 months or so - NOT!We live in suburban Perth and a couple of hundred metres (as the crow fli ...

Level 8: Inspector

Hi, Had the privilege of always emailed and posted bills. Great, as bad WiFi on ships or open WiFi shops are not the safest for banking, so a relative paid the posted bills and as a pensioner I did not get hit with a $15 late payment fee. Last Decemb ...

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Support Team

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Did you know that Google Home can now be used as a Bluetooth speaker?  

Level 1: Cadet

My Tboice 503 initially conbected to the neywork (after resetting the modem) but now just says "Searching..." and doesn't connect, Ive tried resetting the modem (all other devices connect fine), restarting the phone (ie remove batteries), but nothing ...

Level 1: Cadet

My Tvoice 503 initially connected to the network (after resetting the modem) but now just says "Searching..." and doesn't connect, I've tried resetting the modem (all other devices connect fine), restarting the phone (ie remove batteries), but nothin ...


  The decision to cease sales of Telstra-branded ZTE mobiles and mobile broadband devices through our stores and partners has been reversed. 

Level 1: Cadet

I recently moved to an NBN bundle with 24 months Foxtel Now. I redeemed the offer and signed up using the same login as my old foxtel login. The offer has been redeemed, but I get error AS4037 when I try to login to Foxtel Now.

Can someone tell me ...

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