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Hi, I tried cancelling the account a few months back but it appears on my bank statement that I am still getting charged 4.99 a week. I would like it cancelled ASAP and refunded as I accidentally signed up and have not benefited from the app as I liv ...

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I have read quite a few posts on here from people who have unsubscribed and yet ae still being charged and it seems like an ongoing problem. I took out $4.99 weekly pass in September. I cancelled my subscription in October, however the payment contin ...

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Hi I have had an open problem regarding AFL Live charging me since since Round 23, Sat, 26. Can you access my account and payments ? Thanks John <Removed for Privacy>

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I must of accidently subscribed to the afl app live pass back in April, I noticed the $4.99 charged to my credit card and un-subscribed immediately.
I only just realised I've still been charged $4.99 to my credit card by telstra applications Melbourne ...

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The draft hub with all the player profiles is not available/working. There doesn’t seem to be any profiles to look at all


Level 1: Cadet
Level 1: Cadet

Please help I have tried to cancel my subscription for the last 3 months was on phone to telstra today for a hour for them to tell me they cant help. I called my bank and they said they would have to cancel my whole card which I dont want to do. They ...

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I cancelled my AFL live subscription around a month ago via the AppStore. I however have still been charged the weekly fee, a customer service agent has now cancelled this for me on the website as well but I need a refund for the fees incorrectly ...

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Unable to cance afl live pass, thought I did it last month as it gave me and end date. Money still being debited from account, when attempting to unsubscribe the button just bounces and doesn’t redirect, the rest of the site redirecting fine. There a ...

Level 1: Cadet

Hello, I'm attempting to analyse Geelong 2015 matches. However, for Geelong vs Melbourne, Round 12, 2015, the video for Q4 starts with only 19:30 left on the clock (i.e. the first 30 seconds of the match quarter are missing). It seems that the upload ...