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How To Provide Proof of Occupancy When Moving Home

If the previous resident of your new home hasn’t arranged for the disconnection of the phone service, then Telstra requires a proof of occupancy documentation (POD) to be provided to verify that you now reside at the address. This document will allow us to disconnect the previous residents service and connect you up.


The POD must confirm the address of the premises, show that you will be living there, and include the date when you will be moving into the premises. The following are examples of documents we can accept:


  • Lease
  • Rental Agreement
  • Contract of Sale
  • Statutory declaration* from yourself and a utility bill (eg rates, power, water)
  • Statutory declaration* from the property owner and the rent receipt from yourself
  • Statutory declaration* from the property owner and the bond payment receipt
  • Letter from the Real Estate Agent and the rent receipt from yourself
  • Letter from the Real Estate Agent and the bond payment receipt 

This information can be forwarded to the Proof of Documentation team by:-

Fax  - 1800882101

Email -


Once received your service will be connected within eight business days, or on your Requested Connection Date, whichever is later.


Please note that if POD hasn’t been received within 14 business days of the Requested Connection Date the order will be withdrawn.

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