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How do I authorise others to act on my behalf?

Ever had the inconvenience of calling up to find out you weren’t authorised to speak on behalf of the account? This is in an effort to protect the privacy of the account holder but authorised representatives can be added to enquire in future. Here’s some more information on what level of access you can provide to your account;


Legal lessee: legally and financially responsible for account and services. Full access to accounts and services. This is the access level provided to the account owner.


Full authority: the account owner (Legal Lessee) has arranged with Telstra to allow you to act on their behalf. Full access to account and services including connecting and disconnecting services.


Limited authority: access to billing and service information. You can order add-on services such as MessageBank®, or disconnect an entire service, however can not connect a new service.


Asset user: access to report faults, request technical support and raise a complaint.


Billing contact: can make billing and usage enquiries, request technical support (no charges) and/or dispute charges.


Advocate: act on behalf of customer with disability/special needs, not authorised to make changes unless they have appropriate Contact authority. Can raise fault or a complaint on behalf of customer


Nominated Service Customer: Full authority as per Single Bill terms, owns their nominated services on the Single Bill and responsible for all amounts payable


Third Party: Power of Attorney, Guardian, Trustee, Executor, etc


To arrange any of the above, give us a call on 132200 and we’d be happy to help.

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