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How to transfer credit between two Telstra Pre-Paid services?

Our Credit Me2U™ allows you to transfer credit between two Telstra Pre-Paid services.
We've included these steps for you to follow:
  1. Click on the T Media portal on your compatible mobile phone. You can also enter #100# on your mobile, then press the send/call button.
  2. Select the My tab at the top of the page. If you can't see a My tab, scroll down and select My Account.
  3. Select My Pre-Paid
  4. Select the Credit Me2U™ option
  5. Enter the phone number of the mobile you'd like to transfer credit to
  6. Enter the amount of credit you'd like to send (between $1 and $10 a day)
  7. Confirm your request. Make sure you check the mobile number and amount before sending because the transfer can't be reversed or cancelled once confirmed.
  8. We will notify you when the transfer is successful.
Please note: There is a 25c charge for each successful credit transfer. Cap credit cannot be transferred via CreditMe2U®. The option to send and/or receive credit from a service via Credit Me2U™ may not be available with all prepaid offers, such as Data Pass II and Day2Day. If the option does not appear, please contact Telstra to confirm if your current offer supports Credit Me2U™.
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