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Lodging a complaint with Telstra


What can I do if I have an unresolved problem with my Telstra account?


We understand that sometimes things can go wrong, and that this can be a frustrating situation. Whether it's a billing or payment issue, service fault, unsatisfactory email reply or something else - we want to know so we can understand the problem and sort it out.


If you have an unresolved problem, the steps below will help ensure your issue is resolved.


How to make a complaint

We know it can be frustrating to call back when you've already contacted us and encountered a problem. We often find a simple misunderstanding with a consultant can be resolved quickly in these situations.

Please contact us by one of the following methods:


Phone: please call the appropriate number and say "complaint".

All Telstra services: 13 2200
Calls from outside Australia: +61 2 9396 1193
Voice calls from people with a disability: 1800 068 424
TTY calls:   1800 808 981

Email: please complete our online complaints form.


Mail: Telstra, Locked Bag 20026, Melbourne VIC 3001. Please allow five working days for us to reply after your letter is received.


What we aim to do when you make a complaint

When you contact Telstra, the Consultant that answers your query will aim to resolve your issue with you. We aim to acknowledge emails and letters within one business day of receipt and aim to resolve any calls you make to Telstra on the spot.


If we need to investigate your issue further, we aim to resolve the matter, or communicate to you an action plan, within five business days.


While your issue is being investigated, we will provide you with updates of our progress so that you are aware of what is happening with your complaint.


We will aim to close the matter within twenty business days of you raising it and keep you informed of the outcome.


If you would like further investigation from Telstra


If you are not satisfied with the resolution or the investigation of your complaint it will be escalated to the next level of management, or a Case Manager in a specialised customer relations area. The Manager of your complaint will deal with you personally to discuss your complaint and the resolutions you have been offered.


Further assistance


If you would like an external body to review your complaint after it has been escalated within Telstra, you can approach the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO).


For broader telecommunications issues that may be outside the jurisdiction of the TIO, you can also contact the Australian Communication & Media Authority (ACMA) or, for trade practices issues, the Australian Consumers Competition Commission (ACCC).

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