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Looking Back at Your Historical Data Usage

You can review your historical data usage via My Account


1. Log into My Account (If you don't already have an account you'll need to register for one)

2. On the left hand side under "Plans and Usage" click on the mobile service you'd like to look at

3. Select "Recent Charges" on the right hand side

4. Click on "View Details" next to "Recent Charges Breakdown" (This will redirect you to a new page)

5. On the left, hover your mouse over "View Bills" and then select "View Bill History"

6. Click the "View Bill" hyperlink next to the bill you'd like to look at

7. Use the drop down arrow next to "Mobile Services" if necessary and then click on the mobile service you'd like to view

8. Click on the "Data Usage" hyperlink

9. From here, you'll see a break down of your usage for each day during the selected billing period


We're committed to improving the user experience through and My Account so intend to have this process simplified in the future.

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