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Paper to email bill customer migration - FAQs

UPDATE - 26/03/2020

We’re postponing your automatic move to paperless billing. You will keep receiving your paper bills unless you tell us otherwise. 

There is no change to your current billing method. You do not need to call us to opt out. 


If you want to switch to email billing, you can do so at any time via the Telstra AppsMy Account or by completing form. Paperless billing is still a great option for instant and secure delivery, while reducing the hassle of physical mail.


The below is the original Wiki article.




Why is Telstra encouraging me to switch to Email bill?

We’re saying goodbye to paper bills because electronic billing is efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly.



Do I have to do anything if I am happy to move to email bill?

No, if your email address in the email is correct and you do not need to update it, then there is no action on you. You will move to email bill in March 2020.



What are the benefits for me?

The benefits of email bills are: 

  • Being able to access their bills online anytime
  • Personal details are secured
  • Ability to easily share the bill with other people on the account


What should I do if I want to be on paper bill?

Select “Opt-out from email bill” in the webform and submit it or call 13200 or go to your nearest store to opt-out from email bill



I received an SMS about migrating to email bill – is it really from Telstra?

Yes, this is a legitimate Telstra SMS. It’s important to always be vigilant of scam/hoax activities. If you are ever suspicious of a message you can report it to us directly by completing this form.



Why is the link in the SMS not a link?

Telstra often use Short URLs (links) in SMS due to available characters in an SMS.



Can I update my email address?

Yes, you can update your email address by submitting the webform or by contacting us on 132200 or going to your nearest store



When will I be migrated to email bill?

If you submit the webform (link in email and sms) to update your email address you’ll be migrated to email bill within 2-3 business days.You will receive an email confirmation when you have been moved.


If you don’t submit the webform before the 26th of March 2020 you’ll be migrated  to email bill. You will receive an email confirmation when you have been moved.


If you submit the webform to opt out you won’t be migrated to email bill.

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