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Trade In FAQ

Placing your order


How can I find out how much my phone is worth?

You can either type your handset make and model or IMEI number into the quick search box on the top right hand side of the website or on the homepage. Or search your phones make and model on our search page.


How do I know what model of mobile phone I have?

The model of the mobile phone is found on a barcode label under the battery on most models. Take out the battery and look carefully at the label.


For Apple iPhones, go to which explains in full how to identify your model.

For all other devices, visit our interactive device guides online



Can I trade in any mobile phone?

Yes, you can trade in any mobile phone you want as long as it is on our database. If your used mobile phone is not listed, the chances are we no longer buy that model. We can still safely dispose of any phone with no value.


Do you accept stolen and counterfeit phones?

No, we don’t accept stolen and counterfeit phones. Any phones we receive that have been blocked will be passed onto the police.


What happens to the phones I send in?

For most phones, if your phone is in good working condition it will be re-commissioned to be sent on to people in developing countries where the cost of a new phone is sometimes unaffordable. If your phone is beyond repair, it can’t just be chucked in the bin like general rubbish, it will be recycled and disposed of correctly.


Assessing your mobile


What is the definition of a mobile phone in full working order?

Valuation price of a ‘working phone’ means:

  • The phone must turn on and off (when charged)
  • The phone must be fully functional with no major damage to keys or buttons
  • The screen must be working and intact with no major cracks or chips on the casing
  • The touch screen (if applicable) must not be cracked or discoloured
  • The battery must be included
  • The phone must not have physical or liquid damage (pink/red water indicator visible
  • The phone must not be disassembled or have missing parts
  • There must be no customisation or non-original parts

Phones not eligible for Trade-In, these are classed as beyond economical repair (BER).

  • The phone has liquid damage (pink/red water indicator visible)
  • The phone is disassembled or has missing parts
  • The phone has been customised or has non-original parts

Do you accept broken mobile phones?

Yes. We pay a reduced amount for phones that are not working. Please review the working conditions criteria.


What is liquid damage?

Any liquid that gets inside your phone will cause serious permanent damage. Sometimes a phone will continue to work after liquid has got in but more than likely it will stop working within 1 or 2 months. There are indicators on some phones alerting engineers to water damage, typically there is a liquid sensitive sticker that turns red when it comes into contact with any liquid.


How do I clear the data on my phone?

Although all devices are different, most phones follow a similar path to clear the data. Just go into your general settings and restore the factory settings, which will wipe all data off the device. For specific instructions for your device, go to our interactive guides


My phone is locked to one network, can I still send it?

If your phone is locked to a network we will still offer you the valued price as long as your phone meets our working conditions.


If my phone is blocked, can I still send it in?

If your phone has been blocked (registered as lost or stolen) we do not accept these phones. Any phone we receive that has been blocked will be passed onto the police.


Bulk and Business Trade In’s


I have a bulk/business order, how many phones can I trade in?

You can send in and place as many mobile phone orders as you want, although you can only send 3 phones in any one online order. If you have a bulk order, you can contact our team at or call us 1300 112 011 and we will be happy to process your order for you.


Your Account


I received an identification query email. What’s this?

If you receive this email unfortunately it means that we’ve had an issue accepting your evidence of identity and we have let you know why and how to re-submit your ID in the email.


Why do you want my identification?

Telstra Trade-in is operated under the Brightstar registered Second-Hand Dealer Licence and as part this licence to operate, we are required by law to obtain proof of identity from every person attempting to sell goods to us. The proof of identity requirement is solely used for helping the police track down goods reported as lost or stolen.


What forms of ID can I upload?

You’ll need to provide and place a copy of your proof of identity that together show; your full name, current address, photo, date of birth and your signature. These can be one item, such as a Drivers licence or two items in the following forms:

  1. a passport;
  2. a drivers licence or learner drivers permit;
  3. proof of age card;
  4. licences issued under the Firearms Act 1996;
  5. forklift licence;
  6. full birth certificate/extract of birth;
  7. certificates of Australian citizenship;
  8. marriage certificate;
  9. health care card;
  10. medicare card;
  11. bank statement/mortgage documents;
  12. utility bill;
  13. pawnbroker’s licence/2nd hand dealer licence/pawnbroker and 2nd hand dealers licence;
  14. pensioner concession card;
  15. union card;
  16. employee pay slip;
  17. vehicle registration;
  18. tax file number document;
  19. department of social security document; or
  20. some identification cards issued by a tertiary education institution


Will my Identification details be shared?

No, we will only use your ID to process your trade-in order. The proof of identity requirement is solely used for helping the police track down lost and stolen goods.


How do I know when you have my phone?

As soon as we have received your phone and inspected your ID, you’ll receive an email confirming payment. This shouldn’t take longer than one week.




What payment methods do you offer?

We offer payment via credit on your Telstra bill or credit that can be redeemed in store


When will I receive payment?

As soon as we have received your phone and inspected your ID, you’ll receive an email confirming payment. We’ll then apply the payment which should be visible by your second Telstra bill.


What happens if I haven’t received the credit on bill by my second bill post trade in?

If you have not received the credit on your bill after 2 bills post trading in your device, then contact the Telstra Trade-In team on 1300 112 011. We’ll be able to check the status of your trade-in, and let you know when the payment will be applied.


Who Should You Contact



  • Customer enquiries: Call the Trade-In customer service team on 1300 112 011.

Available 9am-5pm Monday to Friday AEST. Calls are charged at your local rate, excluding mobiles where standard call rates apply.Customer email contact: For queries relating to their Trade-In order or to request a copy of the Terms and Conditions or Privacy policy, email the Trade-In team at




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