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iPhone Pre-Order FAQs

The iPhone 11, 11 Pro & 11 Pro Max are now available to order.


Order the iPhone 11:


Order the iPhone 11 Pro:


Order the iPhone 11 Pro Max:



Find out more.



What does pre-order mean?

A pre-order is a confirmed order for a new device that has not yet been released. It also means your new device will be dispatched from the release date.


How do I pre-order?
You can pre-order online and secure your new phone. You can also place your pre-order in store or over the phone during standard business hours.


Does pre-ordering guarantee me a device?
When you place a pre-order online this guarantees you a device. Please remember this is an official order.


What if I’m still under contract?
You can place a pre-order online if you’re still under contract. However, please be aware that you may incur Early Termination Charges (ETCs) if you terminate your existing contract before the contract end date. You can check your outstanding ETCs online by logging into My Account with your Telstra ID.


What if I have New Phone Feeling?

I have a personal device on a plan

If you’re eligible to redeem your New Phone Feeling, you can place your pre-order online and redeem it at the same time. However, if you’re not yet eligible, you’ll need to wait until your eligibility date before placing your order and redeeming your New Phone Feeling. Find out more about New Phone Feeling.


Not sure if you’re eligible to redeem? You can check online now via My Account or the Telstra 24x7 App.


I have a business device on a plan

If you’re eligible to redeem your New Phone Feeling, you can place your pre-order at your local Telstra Business Centre.


If you’re not yet eligible to redeem, you will need to wait until your 12 month anniversary (eligibility date) before placing your order.


What if the account is not in my name?
If you’re authorised on the account as a Full Authority or the Legal Lessee, you can place an order online now to recontract or sign up for a new service. If you’re not listed on the account as an authorised representative, you won’t be able to place a pre-order online.


What if the phone/size/colour I want is not in stock?
Don’t worry, if your favourite phone, size or colour is not in stock, you can still place your pre-order online and we’ll prioritise your order in the queue. We’ll then dispatch your new phone as soon as new stock arrives. We’ll also keep you updated of your progress in the queue. Please note, this may not be on the day of launch.


Will I get confirmation of my pre-order?
Absolutely. We’ll send you an order confirmation once you place your pre-order with our online shop. We’ll confirm your order details, delivery timeframes and important things you need to know.


Can I change any details once I’ve placed my pre-order?
Once you place your pre-order there’s no guarantee that we can make any changes as it’ll be progressing in the queue. Any changes could delay your place in the queue. Remember, you’ve also entered into a contract for a plan and the phone and therefore your changes could incur early termination charges. 


How can I cancel my pre-order?
As long as your order has not yet been picked & packed and/or dispatched to you, you may cancel your order. To determine if your order can be cancelled, call 13 22 00 or 24x7 Chat.


How can l tell if my order has been dispatched?

To check the status of your pre-order and determine if it has been picked & packed and/or dispatched, enter your order confirmation number (begins with SBS or SR), into our Online Order Tracker.


If the status of your order appears as per below, your order has been dispatched and early termination charges will apply if it is cancelled:

Status: Dispatched

Your order has been dispatched and is on its way. You would have received an email with your StarTrack tracking instructions to your nominated email address.

You can keep track of your order online here.

You can also track your order anytime using the Telstra 24x7 App.


Check out our article - The easiest way to track your Telstra order.



For more information about our order process, check out the below links:

Expression of Interest FAQ

Order and Backorder FAQ 

Device Delivery FAQ

New Phone Feeling FAQ

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