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Community Manager Gamgees Community Manager
Community Manager

Placing your order   How can I find out how much my phone is worth? You can either type your handset make and model or IMEI number into the quick search box on the top right hand side of the website or on the homepage. Or search your phones make and ...

Telstra (Retired) Ben
Telstra (Retired)

What can I do if I have an unresolved problem with my Telstra account?
We understand that sometimes things can go wrong, and that this can be a frustrating situation. Whether it's a billing or payment issue, service fault, unsatisfactory email reply ...

Community Manager TimBartel Community Manager
Community Manager

    Pre-Order (inc. Backorder)   What does pre-order mean? A pre-order is a confirmed order for a new device that has not yet been released. It also means your new device will be dispatched from the release date.   How do I pre-order? You can pre-ord ...

Level 24: Supreme Being DrQ
Level 24: Supreme Being

SIM Card Sizes: SIM cards come in three different sizes, the size you require depends on your phone. The three sizes are Standard, Micro, and Nano.   Most current and later generation major smartphones (eg. iPhone 5, Galaxy S6, Xperia Z3, LG G5 and ...

Community Manager Gamgees Community Manager
Community Manager

What does EOI mean?
An EOI is an Expression of Interest. This means we’ll register your details and keep you updated with all the latest information. You don’t have to be an existing Telstra customer to submit an EOI.   How will I know when to pre-or ...

Community Manager Gamgees Community Manager
Community Manager

How does the New Phone & Tablet Feeling work?
New Phone & Tablet Feeling allows you to take up a brand new mobile or tablet after twelve months into your contract. To redeem the offer you need to return your device undamaged and in good working cond ...