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Support Team JesseS
Support Team

Follow these steps to insert your SIM and activate your account so you can start using Telstra pre-paid mobile.   Before you begin, make sure you have the following details on hand:   1. Your mobile phone
2. Another device such as PC or Laptop
3. A for ...

Community Manager DanK Community Manager
Community Manager

To help you save data so you can use it when you need it most, Telstra brings you Data Bank on Telstra Pre-Paid Extra™. A new feature that saves up to 50GB of your unused data for later. This video will show you how to get the most out of it using th ...

Support Team TommyR
Support Team

What are the key benefits of Telstra Pre-Paid Extra™?
With this new offer, you get heaps of included data.
- $30 get 2.5GB
- $40 get 5GB
- $50 get 7.5GB
- $60 get 10GB
All for use in Australia within 28 days.

With Data Bank, you can save up to 100GB of you ...

Community Manager DanK Community Manager
Community Manager

What are the Call Credit Payments? Call Credit Payments are a feature of the Pre-Paid Call Credits offer discontinued in 2007. Call Credit Payments are 5c credit payments made by Telstra for each whole minute of incoming calls received. Max $50.   Wh ...

Community Manager DanK Community Manager
Community Manager

Update 05 September 2017:
This plan has been discontinued. It’s no longer available to new customers or for existing customers to switch to.   For more information please read our article outlining important information about the changes to Pre-Paid P ...

Telstra (Retired) PaulQ
Telstra (Retired)

With our Post-Paid CreditMe2U, you can perform a one-off credit transfer or set up a regular scheduled transfer to a Telstra Pre-Paid account.

Any amount credited to the Telstra Pre-Paid account will be charged to your Post-Paid mobile bill, in additi ...