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Telstra (Retired) Yannick
Telstra (Retired)

  Your card verification number is your additional protection – to ensure your credit card information is not being used fraudulently.     If you are using a Visa, MasterCard or Diners Club, please provide the 3-digit CVV (Customer Verification ...

Telstra (Retired) Yannick
Telstra (Retired)

Need to reset your username or password for MyAccount or Bigpond accounts?    MyAccount   The reset functions can be found here: 

If you aren' ...

Community Manager DanK Community Manager
Community Manager

Premium SMS and Telstra Carrier Billing
We’re making some changes From 12 December 2018, we’ll no longer support payment for some 3rd party PSMS ringtones, games, music videos, PSMS enabled services and some competitions. All Premium SMS subscriptio ...

Community Manager Gamgees Community Manager
Community Manager

If I’m still under contract, will I be charged a fee for ordering a new phone?
You can place an order online if you’re still under contract. However, please be aware that you’ll incur early termination charges if you terminate your existing contract ...

Telstra (Retired) Ben
Telstra (Retired)

Most Telstra devices are locked to the Telstra network. If you’re heading overseas, selling your phone or upgrading to the latest model, you can unlock your device for use on any network.

How do I unlock my device?
To get started, simply call one of th ...

Telstra (Retired) PaulQ
Telstra (Retired)

There are two ways to send credit via CreditMe2U on selected plans:   Dial #100# to access CreditMe2U®, then press Send/call on your mobile and follow the prompts Type in your mobile’s browser Click on the  icon at the top of the s ...

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