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HTC One XL panoramic camera not working

After Jelly bean & sense OTA update the panoramic camera isn't working.


It takes the first shot (5 shots in all) but it doesn't continue with the following 4 shots so essentially singe shot.


Others have had it take the shots but doesn't stitch it together and out of focus, without the guide line.



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Re: HTC One XL panoramic camera not working

Hi GregFork, welcome to the forum Smiley Happy


I assume you have tried all the usual stuff (reset to default settings, power off and reboot, factory reset)?


The next step would be to take the device into a Telstra store to have it sent away for assessment by our National Repair Centre. Alternatively, you could contact HTC as the problem you are having with a phone feature.

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Re: HTC One XL panoramic camera not working

Yes to all except reset ...


It must be softeware update that stuffed itself ...


I installed ...


Wondershare Panorama


and theirs works fine ... I'll use this until someone (HTC or Telstra) fixes it.



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Re: HTC One XL panoramic camera not working

Now the stock camera is locking up after 2-4 shots black screen, reboot to bring it back please someone fix this update !


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Re: HTC One XL panoramic camera not working

Mine did the same.  It worked fine then stopped at only one shot. I thought about it and remembered it was after I turned off continuous shots. Had to turn them on then off  then on  and hit camera reset to default. But it worked.

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Re: HTC One XL panoramic camera not working

Update last night to Software # 3.17.841.9 camera seem ok multi shoot and signal shoots multiple times, but panoramic shoot is still not working you get to the second frame and it stops ... how hard is it, it worked fine before jelly bean. :-(( 

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