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Samsung S10 RCS still down

Still no access to RCS since the july update, have now done another update August.... and still telstra have no date to have RCS working again, they advised all other models except the S10 are resolved, one would thing flagship phone first but hey. Was wondering if anyone has a work around other then SMS and MMS. Tech support cant help as they were unaware of  the issue until reported 4 weeks ago and scren shot of another similar post on here.

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Re: Samsung S10 RCS still down

Was anything fixed here? I've spent time with Telstra chat but they were unable to help. I was trying to enable RCS in the Google Messages app. I was able to do it in the Samsung app, but no Google's? I can't for the life of me work out why, other than forums saying Telstra hasn't enabled it for Google's app yet?

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