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htc desire stuck on black screen with htc in the middle and 4 triangles /_!_\ around the corner

ok i might have destroyed the phone but giving it one last shot maybe any one techincal here would be able to help me out . 

heres what happened


1) the phone was displaying telstra logo and was not moving on from the blue telstra boot screen so i decided to hard reset it which didnt work


2) Then i tried installing a telstra RUU from http://shipped-roms.com/shipped/Bravo/RUU_Bravo_Telstra_WWE_1.15.841.14_R4_Radio_32.30.00.28U_4.05.0... didnt realizing that my phone is S-on and therefore the radio_v2 wont update since it needs the s-off    ***eyes-rolling***


3) so what the updated ruu did was, it updated the hboot and the rest but since it couldnt access the radio, it failed and left me with the black htc screen of death.


4) i downloaded the stock telstra ruu(last updated 2010) from htc's website but i think the hboot version is pretty old in that thats why whenever i run it it doesnt detects the phone and says usb disconnected


5) when i run the ruu to upgrade to 2.3gingerbred, the installer detects the phone and provides an image version 2.26.841.2 and states the new version 3.14.405.1 which it will be upgraded to but at 80% the setup fails since obviously it cant update the radio_v2


Im hoping that if you guys can provide me with a gingerbread version of telstra rom for desire. i might be able to operate the phone otherwise its either bricked or ill have to try JTAG


Please help me out