Parklea Exchange Fire - Service Update

Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

A fire at the Parklea Exchange in Sydney on 9 May caused extensive damage which continues to impact broadband and home phone services in Parklea and Kellyville. Due to the extent of the damage permanent restoration is expected to take some time. In the interim we have deployed a number of portable exchanges to the site to restore services using a temporary solution.


Our techs are working 24/7 to restore services. A large number of services have been progressively restored, however due to the significant damage and extensive work required, it is expected that some services will not be restored for a number of weeks. This is due to the manual intensity of the work, with our technicians working around the clock to intricately reconnect thousands of fibres and home phone cables, and replace damaged network equipment which was completely destroyed by fire.


We are also supporting customers with interim solutions or devices in line with their needs while services are being restored. Local businesses can call our business support number 132999, and residential customers can speak to our support team on 132203. They can also visit their local Telstra store or Telstra Business Centre to access these devices and for further support.


We also have a marquee at the front of Suite C 56- 57, Lexington Corporate, 24 Lexington Drive, Bella Vista, where technical specialists will be available during business hours and Saturday morning, to help business customers with information and interim services where we can.  

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My home Broadband was restored this week but modem now only trains up as ADSL so speed inferior. I assume this is due to temp solution, that is the mobile exchange is not equipped with DSLAM that has ADSL2+. Is this right?

Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Hi DB28,


Yes, the temporary solution would be the reason for this.

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Ive noticed this morning I have my phone back on but no adsl? But the outage updates havent changed?

Can you advise what is happening? 



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Is your marquee for business customers only? What about all the residential customers who still do not have home phone or internet?  Can they go down to the marquee and pick up/buy interim services, internet dongles etc?

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My wife picked up a 4g interim device from the Telstra store in Rouse Hill yesterday and we were told to call customer services to get it topped up free. Customer service didn't know anything about a fire or the agreement to provide normal customers with an interim service. They refused to top up quoting the service saying it will be fixed by this evening. I was on the phone for over 1:15hrs and had a small win getting transferred to complaints 5gb.. not enough to patch all my devices let alone download foxtel thru Telstra!! Will be calling again tonight when the service is still not working..

I picked-up a pre-paid SIM from Telstra shop. I was given only two 5gb top-ups which lasted only 3 days. Then I was told that another top-up had been done but nothing happened for a day and next communication was that they cannot do anymore top-up from their side. Agent suggested me recharge using my credit card and Telstra will adjust the bill. We agreed for a 20gb top-up, I paid $150 for it. Now no one at Bigpond/Telstra able to provide me details on how to claim money back.


I have heavy data usage at home and on 1TB plan. We are controling data usage for a long time but not possible to keep going like this.


We consumed our 4G data which is around 25gb combined in family. 


Telstra and Bigpoond service centers are very unprofessional, they do not put any details of call we are making. Everytime we need to explain whole story and each call lasts for around 20min. They issue a new incidence number each time. So frustrating calling Telstra,


My data is running out again and it seems service will be restored by today evening as ETA has changed to TBC on service status page.


Can someone tell me if I can recharge agian and how to claim back.

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The only fair and reasonable solution it to provide the same mobile data allowance as adsl for all your residential customers. 10g at a time is not enough. I work from home and my family also have school work to complete. I am already 60% into my second 10gb. Ringing support takes at least 30-45 minutes EACH time.
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I have just been on the phone for 1.5 hours to request another 10g. Your support staff have no information about the support you have promised. Telstra is still broadcasting the same support number!!! I can't believe how poor your damage control process is. Your systems are clearly not designed to cope with this sort of extended outage.

I called support around 4pm, some agent Jane was trying to assist; she promised me to call back with some info; no call yet.


Telstra sends SMS with a call back link after each time we call support. That link never works so we get in long support loop.

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This is what Telstra has just commented on a post on Facebook
Re: Parkea Exchange Fire
Your support line 132203 is not supporting extra data on mobile as published on your status and CrowdSupport pages. They have told me I need to pay for the extra data and Telstra will refund when the outage is over. I was given 10g last week which has run out. Your support team are following procedures that are not aligned with your published offer. Customers seem to know more about your support offer than your support staff. Totally unacceptable. Can you please update your staff to authorise additional data outside the normal allowable amount.

Reply from Telstra:
The page doesn't stat any specific amount of data. Once your service has been restored, our Billing team will be happy to follow this up and calculate the total usage for you. Sorry for the inconvenience this may cause. - Tim
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