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Parklea Exchange Fire - Service Update

by Community Manager on ‎18-05-2017 09:40 AM - last edited on ‎19-05-2017 04:58 PM by Community Manager
Parklea Exchange Fire - Service Update

A fire at the Parklea Exchange in Sydney on 9 May caused extensive damage which continues to impact broadband and home phone services in Parklea and Kellyville. Due to the extent of the damage permanent restoration is expected to take some time. In the interim we have deployed a number of portable exchanges to the site to restore services using a temporary solution.


Our techs are working 24/7 to restore services. A large number of services have been progressively restored, however due to the significant damage and extensive work required, it is expected that some services will not be restored for a number of weeks. This is due to the manual intensity of the work, with our technicians working around the clock to intricately reconnect thousands of fibres and home phone cables, and replace damaged network equipment which was completely destroyed by fire.


We are also supporting customers with interim solutions or devices in line with their needs while services are being restored. Local businesses can call our business support number 132999, and residential customers can speak to our support team on 132203. They can also visit their local Telstra store or Telstra Business Centre to access these devices and for further support.


We also have a marquee at the front of Suite C 56- 57, Lexington Corporate, 24 Lexington Drive, Bella Vista, where technical specialists will be available during business hours and Saturday morning, to help business customers with information and interim services where we can.  

by Anilaxmi
on ‎20-05-2017 11:03 PM
Tried calling Telstra so many times, asks my number connected to the account. Once I give the number, automated message plays the outage message and drops the call. It's been almost two weeks and no interim solution, so much for loyalty! Got through to the rep once and she had no idea of outage. Said I have to wait until problem is fixed and she could not offer any alternative as I don't have a telstra mobile. So still no home phone nor internet. Paid so much to Optus to keep extending my data every GB and still paying!!!
by Support Team
on ‎21-05-2017 01:34 AM

Hey Anilaxmi,


I am sorry to hear of the issues you have had seeking assistance with this outage. If there is no mobile device connected with us that can be used for a temporary connection, then regrettably there is not much that we can offer a an interim solution.


With any downtime for the outage, we will be able to have a rebate applied to your charges once they have been received and the current fixed service has been restored. The best contact to have this discussed further is with the Billing Live Chat team that is available 24/7 via:



by Bey1
on ‎21-05-2017 02:14 PM
We are in Glenwood and having no homeline or internet for 12 days and still going with 3 teenage sons has cost me $120 via Vodafone thus farSmiley Sad All Telstra customers that have been effected by the outage should get 2 months free from Telstra to cover the inconvenience and out of pocket money we have to pay to other providers.
by Support Team
on ‎21-05-2017 03:38 PM

Hi Bey1, 


I do apologise for the inconvenience. Once the outage is restored, you can speak with our Billing team via Live Chat: http://tel.st/hsc3 who can adjust your bill for the days you have been unable to use your service.



by Matt_g
on ‎21-05-2017 11:56 PM


Tonight I've had dial tone return to my phone and I can see the ADSL is synching at 8Mbps. Though it is not connecting. 


I'm a customer with another retailer (Exetel), that uses this Telstra wholesale exchange equipment that was effected by the fire. The connection is failing at the authentication stage.  


I've tried connecting without supplying login details, though it still fails to provide me with internet. 

Is there anything special for customers whom have their internet with another retailer. Is there a special set of credentials?


Obviously, an exchange burning down is not a common occurence, though need some support that is outside the square (e.g. - some special credentials to log in and use the internet). 


Any help appreciated. 

by PManny
on ‎22-05-2017 08:00 AM

I've got the same issue Matt_g. Also with Exetel on Telstra Wholesale.

I have dialtone and sync, but ADSL PPPoE fails to login.


I called Telstra on Saturday and was bounced between 3 different departments. Nobody could give me a conclusive answer, however their vague responses suggested this problem could continue on to the 30th.

Unfortunately I don't have a Telstra mobile service associated with the account (using a Telstra wholesale mobile service) so they can't even provide data in the interim.


Vodaphone have a 10gb data pack on special for $20 at the moment, so I've gone down that path.

by Chipsns
on ‎22-05-2017 10:09 AM
Definitely support people are providing conflicting information.

I was told on Friday that it would not be possible to get refund for the money we are spending to recharge Pre-paid, $150 in my case. After a bit of argument she created a ticket for refund.

My internet is back online last night but at less than 10% of speed I normally get. It is crawling and barely usable. I hope t o get a permanent fix sometime soon.
by Lpps
on ‎22-05-2017 10:17 AM

I am also in Glenwood and have had no home phone or internet since the 9th May. Like many others I do not have telstra mobile so receive no interim support. I really don't think telstra will reimburse the $160 I have spent on another network so far. It is very difficult for high school children to do homework and assignments running around to use others internet as we all have busy lives and  other commitments as well. Also one your web outages states no problems in 2768 I beg to differ!!!

by Technical Support
on ‎22-05-2017 10:22 AM


Our Service Status Page is listing interruptions for the 2768 postcode. This is the best place to be updated about Network Disruptions.

I'd recommend discussing your circumstances with our Billing Team on 132200 to see how we can help you.

by ChiragL
on ‎22-05-2017 11:20 AM

Hi Support


Any udpate on  when are you going to work on bringing up the business services such as ULL for business in Bell Vista area.


we have been out for two weeks and no one seem to understand the urgencey when u have dozen pluse staff not able to do their job while Telstra is too busy reconnecting the home phone lines. (Too much for supporting Small bisnessine)  


P.S  It's been two weeks and one would assume that is reasonal time frame to get reasonal information around restoration other then we are working hard....