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Parklea Exchange Fire - Service Update

by Community Manager a week ago - last edited Friday by Community Manager
Parklea Exchange Fire - Service Update

A fire at the Parklea Exchange in Sydney on 9 May caused extensive damage which continues to impact broadband and home phone services in Parklea and Kellyville. Due to the extent of the damage permanent restoration is expected to take some time. In the interim we have deployed a number of portable exchanges to the site to restore services using a temporary solution.


Our techs are working 24/7 to restore services. A large number of services have been progressively restored, however due to the significant damage and extensive work required, it is expected that some services will not be restored for a number of weeks. This is due to the manual intensity of the work, with our technicians working around the clock to intricately reconnect thousands of fibres and home phone cables, and replace damaged network equipment which was completely destroyed by fire.


We are also supporting customers with interim solutions or devices in line with their needs while services are being restored. Local businesses can call our business support number 132999, and residential customers can speak to our support team on 132203. They can also visit their local Telstra store or Telstra Business Centre to access these devices and for further support.


We also have a marquee at the front of Suite C 56- 57, Lexington Corporate, 24 Lexington Drive, Bella Vista, where technical specialists will be available during business hours and Saturday morning, to help business customers with information and interim services where we can.  

by Karth

Very frustrated with Telstra. Bad customer service!


I recieved a text infoming me that the services have been restored. But, that hasnt been the case. No Internet / Home Phone for the last 20 days. You are turning out to be a 'United Airlines' with your customer service. Rather than asking your customers to call you to check if you can arrange for an alternative, why dont you call everyone who is affected and offer alternatives? If you had done that, you would have delivered on customer experience! 


I'm wondering why I'm paying a few extra bucks to you to get this pathetic customer service? Even a low cost internet provider wouldd give me a better customer service. Your service centre doesnt even know that there was a fire. 


I think I need to look for other options in my area. 

by River_Fever
14 hours ago

This is beyond a joke. Capture.JPGFrom 80+ Mbps to less -2Mbps.

by River_Fever
13 hours ago

 It's time to be #compensated. #telstra cannot seriously charge customers for a product that does not work? #noservice #nocharge.

by Support Team
13 hours ago

Hi River, 


As with all outages, once services are returned, please speak with our 24x7 Billing Support Team  http://tel.st/hsc3 to discuss a rebate for the period of time your services have been offline. 


Kind Regards 

by Chipsns
11 hours ago

 Internet speed is bit better today; getting 8-10 Mbps d/l which still around half of which I get normally but it is workable. Not sure if it is temporary or service getting fixed.

by Dracarys
10 hours ago

Day 11 with no cable. They are now saying it will be up and running by friday. I'm not getting my hopes up