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On March 31 we are exiting the T-Box. This means apps like Foxtel on T-Box, BigPond Movies on T-Box, SBS On Demand, Plus 7, YouTube, AFL and NRL, and Tune-In will be removed. We will be changing the electronic program guide imagery to a more basic view provided by the free-to-air channels. We will also be removing the T-Box Remote Application from Google Play and Apple App Stores.


We know our customers have loved the T-Box, but since the launch of the device over 7 years ago technology has changed significantly! More and more the way our customer’s access and consume their favourite content has changed, and newer technology has made this viewing experience much simpler. The T-Box, although a great product, is running on outdated technology, and to ensure we can continue to provide the latest entertainment options to our customers, we have decided to decommission it.


We will be cancelling any remaining Foxtel on T-Box subscriptions after March 31. This may mean that you see some pro-rata charges on your Telstra bill, if this cancellation occurs part way through your billing cycle.


Frequently Asked Questions


Is my T-Box useless now?

No. After March 31 2018 your T-Box will still let you watch free-to-air TV, access your recorded content, record free-to-air TV, and see what’s on live-TV on the electronic program guide. You can continue to use your T-Box should you wish to do so, however we will no longer be providing updates or support.


What do I do with my old T-Box and remote?

Electronic waste is growing three times faster than any other type of waste in Australia. If you move on from your old T-Box, visit ewaste recycling near you to find your closest drop-off point and ensure it is responsibly recycled.


What does discontinued support mean?

This means that we will no longer be providing firmware or software upgrades, or providing technical assistance. As we stopped selling T-Box over 2 years ago, T-Boxes have now reached end of life. We will not be able to assess any warranty claims for the T-Box, or replacing remotes etc.


What entertainment alternatives do you recommend to replace my T-Box?

You can take up a Foxtel from Telstra service, the iQ3 that comes with your service has the ability to pause, record, and rewind live TV.


Otherwise, the Telstra TV has catch-up TV apps (iView , SBS on Demand, 7Plus, 9Now, TenPlay) and video on demand services such as Foxtel Now, Netflix and Stan. You can now watch popular TV shows as they become available- without the need to remember to record! The majority of content from live TV is available on-demand, which means it’s ready for you to watch when you’re ready! 


Also, with the Telstra TV app you can set reminders on when your program is about to start, or add it to your My List so you can watch it later on the catch up apps.


See comparison table for key differences between each possible alternative to T-Box:


T-Box (now)

T-Box (after 31 March)

Foxtel From Telstra with IQ3

Telstra TV + 3m Foxtel Now

Live TV











Yes- 7 days

Yes- 7 days without imagery



Catch Up TV Apps

2 Apps


No but can record FTA

All 5 FTA Catch Up Apps

Movie Store

Yes- BigPond Movies


Yes- Foxtel Store

Yes- BigPond Movies


Yes- Foxtel On T-Box



Yes- Foxtel Now

Mobile App/ Remote


Yes- unsupported so may not work with all devices



SVOD (Netflix, Stan etc)








Yes- if Sports Subscription

Yes- Foxtel Now if Sports Subscription added or Highlights on AFL/ NRL apps


Yes- Tune In


Yes- MTV Music, Channel V and Max

Yes - Live on FTA with Telstra TV 2 or on Foxtel Now if Sports Subscription added, or match replays on AFL/ NRL Apps


Example of T-Box EPG and Menu views

current-epg.pngCurrent EPG

epg-mockup.pngPost T-Box Exit EPG

menu-1-mockup.pngPost T-Box Exit Menu

To ensure you continue to have access to your favourite TV, movies and sport, you can call us on 1800 290 933 to discuss your options.   


How can I keep watching free-to-air TV?

Your T-Box will still provide FTA access after 31 March.

Otherwise both the  iQ3 box from Foxtel and the Telstra TV will provide FTA access, as long as you have your antenna plugged in.


I only watch live TV on my T-Box. Why would I want a Telstra TV?

You can continue to watch your Live TV, but will get the added benefit of a great looking electronic program guide, and will be able to present you with similar shows or movies that you may like across other platforms like Catch-up TV apps (iView, SBS on Demand, 7Plus, 9Now, TenPlay) or video on demand services like Foxtel Now, Netflix and Stan.


Can I fast forward on catch up apps on Telstra TV?

Yes, you can fast forward in the catch up TV apps on Telstra TV.


Can I fast forward ads on catch up apps on Telstra TV?

There is no ability to fast forward through commercials on the catch up apps.


Can I install other software on the T-Box?

No, the software will no longer be supported therefore no changes can be made.


How do I keep recording series that I like on these new devices?

Taking up a Foxtel from Telstra service provides you with an iQ3 device which means you will be able to series link your favourite TV shows. The Telstra TV does not have a series link option however you can set yourself reminders prior to your favourite shows starting, or catch up on missed episodes of Live TV on the FTA catch up apps.


Will the T-Box exit remove my pre-recorded content?

No. The recording function of your T-Box will continue to work after 31 March, and your pre-recorded content will still be available after the exit.


I have a BigPond Movies account that I watch on my T-Box. What will happen to my BigPond movies?

You will still have access to your BigPond Movies Account and will be able to view your titles on a number of other eligible devices. If you decide to purchase a new Telstra TV or already have a smart TV then you will be able to continue viewing them, otherwise you can view them on your computer, phone or tablet.


Are you going to give me a refund? I paid for the T-Box.

Refunds will not be issued for existing T-Box customers as all devices are now outside the 2 year contract period.


How do I keep recording programs that I like on my T-Box?

You will continue to be able to use your Personal Video Recorder, however you will not be able to “series link” recordings from the EPG. You will be able to set recording for a specific day/time (linked to time, not content)

How do I set up Repeat Record on T-Box?

You are able to continue to record on T-Box using your Personal Video Recorder after the T-Box exit on 31 March 2018. The “series link” functionality has been replaced by a repeat record function- which allows recordings to be scheduled for a specific day and time.


To use this repeat record function:

  • Go to the TV show overview, or the TV guide for the show you want to record
  • Press the green button labelled “Repeat Record” (formerly the series record button)
  • The REC button will continue to record the episode/show selected
  • Select either Daily (to record the same time every day), Weekly (same time every week day), Weekly (same time once a week), or Weekend (same time on Saturday and Sunday)
  • Press OK to confirm

To change or alter a repeat recording:

  • Go to My Recordings, then Scheduled Recordings
  • Click on the REC button to modify 

Can I view AFL/NRL match replays on the Telstra TV or Foxtel from Telstra?

As of the start of the 2018 AFL and NRL seasons, you will be able to watch full match replays using the AFL and NRL apps on the Telstra TV. For live match broadcasts, you can view these using FTA (if showing in your region) or by subscribing to the Sports Package with Foxtel from Telstra, or Foxtel Now on Telstra TV – service not available in all areas or homes.

In addition to AFL and NRL matches, all AFLW and some Super Netball matches along with all match replays are available live on Telstra TV through the AFL and Netball Live apps.


Why is My Media impacted by the T-Box exit?

The My Media application is not a part of the T-Box device permanent software (firmware), and was supported by Telstra backend systems in a similar way as the other applications impacted by the exit (BigPond Movies, Foxtel on T-Box, AFL & NRL apps, etc). When withdrawing support for the platform on 31 March 2018, the My Media functionality was unable to remain on T-Box unsupported.

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We will continue to use the off-air recording capability of the T-Box until it dies - but will not be picking up any replacement service from Telstra, particularly when our broadband connection is so unreliable (in Malvern East) that we cannot run any streaming service such as Netflik reliably!!!


Our fibre to the node and copper up the street broadband is so pathetic at times that streaming is a joke - unless you are happy watching sub-VHS quality (showing my age here - after forty years in the Broadcast television industry).


On one occasion it took over 7 hours to download a hired movie via the T-Box - which, at least, could receive it in non-real time and finally allow us to watch!!


Long may our two T-Boxes survive........................(and my DVR).....


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Hi Dave_P

Give Telstra a ring saying you want to increase speed, did that last night and after checking if they could increase the speed they gave me a speed boost so I went from approx Download speed of 23 Mbps to over 40 Mbps, well worth the time since it was free. The number I rang was 1800 834 273

Level 3: Gumshoe

I agree totally with what's been said.  The T-Box is old so stop support.  That's fine.  But to almost totally strip it bare to render it almost useless, is just plain wrong. There is no reason to do that nor any justification other than to upset loyal Telstra customers.

Forcing T-Box owners to find a replacement (and no the Telstra TV doesn't cut it) is just a money grabbing exercise.

I contacted my local member and he is going to see if the ACCC is interested in intervening (just hope he isn't full of hot air) but something needs to be done to stop this from happening.


Why have you removed the T-box remote App from Google play store already??

Our real remote died years ago and we use the phone app.

But we have now changed mobile handsets recently, and we can no longer load the remote app.

So we cannot even use the t-box as a set top box which is downright annoying.

Can you please restore it to the Play store at least until 31st march????


Level 3: Gumshoe


maybe someone can make the apk of the T-Box remote available? or maybe google "T-Box remote apk" Smiley Wink

Level 16: Secret Agent

@Incoherent You can find the Tbox remote apk here!


Level 3: Gumshoe


That apk is for the latest T-Box.  I'm not sure if it works with the original T-Box or not.  The apk for the original T-Box is only 735k.

It's also available on that website


Level 3: Gumshoe


That apk is for the  latest T-Box. I have no idea if it works with the original T-Box (which I still use).  The apk for the  original T-Box can be found on that same site by searching netgem.telstra .  It's only 735k.

Level 16: Secret Agent

 @heywheelie Yep, works on both boxes (I have both myself). But I prefer the old official version myself as well.


@Ozmoz thanks for that link.

Only problem for me with that newer app is that newer Samsungs (S7 onwards) have removed the IR transmitter. A damn stupid move if you ask me. Plenty of people loved that ability to control their devices.

The old official T-box app worked via wifi, not IR. 

@heywheelie thanks for that link to the old app. I'll give it a try.

I have no idea which version my Tbox is.

The wife loves the EPG and the way it groups recorded shows. I bought her a Humax which had great reviews, but turns out it is crap. Terrible EPG, unresponsive remote, and recorded files are poorly displayed. The humble Tbox does a much better job. Might have to pick up a spare  on evilbay.