Telstra Pre-Paid Data Pass II

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** Update 01/06/2017 - This plan has been discontinued. It is no longer available to new customers or for existing customers to change to. Our current plan can be found here**



What are the key benefits of Telstra Pre-Paid Data Pass II?

We offer great-value data inclusions with an expiry period to suit your needs – whether you need data so your family can connect to the internet while on holidays, or gigabytes to make your commute to work productive (or fun!)


The value on the $30 Month Pass gets even better: Top up your Month Pass automatically using scheduled recharge & get 6GB (3GB + 3GB bonus)


Plus, make the most of your included data with free and unlimited Telstra Air® data. Connect to Australia’s largest Wi-Fi network at over 650,000 Telstra Air hotspots in Australia until 27 March 2017.


How does roll over work?

Keep what you don’t use. Roll over unused data when you recharge before your expiry date. Your data expiry period is dependent on the last amount recharged, so any data rolled over will have the same expiry as your last recharge.


Can I make calls or send text messages using my Telstra Pre-Paid Data Pass II service?

No, you cannot. Our offer excludes usage such as calls and SMS to Australian and International numbers, content purchases, all use while overseas as well as pay-as-you-go data.


I’m an existing Telstra Pre-Paid Mobile Broadband customer; will I get the benefits of the new Telstra Pre-Paid Data Pass II offer?

No, you’ll need to switch from your current Mobile Broadband offer to the new Telstra Pre-Paid Data Pass II offer first.


If I switch to Telstra Pre-Paid Data Pass II, can I switch back to my old offer?

If you switch to Telstra Pre-Paid Data Pass II, you will not be able to switch back to your old Pre-Paid Mobile Broadband offer.


Telstra Pre-Paid Data Pass II doesn’t appeal to me; can I stay on my current offer?

Yes, you can stay on your current offer.


Can I use Scheduled Recharge with Telstra Pre-Paid Data Pass II?

Yes. Scheduled Recharge is compatible with the $30 Month Pass recharge and scheduled monthly recharges get 6GB (3GB + 3GB bonus data).


How do I set up Scheduled Recharge with Telstra Pre-Paid Data Pass II? When will I get the 3GB bonus data?

To set up scheduled recharge, you first need to ensure you have saved your payment method. If you have not previously done so, when you next recharge ensure you elect to save your credit/debit card details.

For scheduled recharge, you choose the day of the month you want the auto recharge to occur, e.g. day 25 of each month. The next time the 25th rolls around, and your scheduled recharge goes through successfully using your chosen payment method, you will get the 3GB bonus.

Once you have ensured you have a saved payment method, you can follow the instructions below to set up scheduled recharge using or My Account. For eligible devices, #100# is also available.



  1. Select automatic recharge from the Recharge menu
  2. Select amount, $30
  3. Enter day of month, 1-31
  4. Enter recharge PIN
  5. Click “confirm” 


   Using My Account

  1. Click on the “Balance & recharge” tab
  2. From the menu on the right, select “Recharge settings”
  3. Select “Scheduled monthy recharge”
  4. From the dropdown menu, select the Recharge day
  5. Select Recharge amount, $30
  6. From the dropdown menu, select which saved payment method you would like to use
  7. Confirm

Can Plus Packs or Top Ups be applied?

No. Plus Packs and Top Up Packs will be unavailable to purchase while on the Telstra Pre-Paid Data Pass II offer.


How do I roam overseas with Telstra Pre-Paid Data Pass II?

Overseas usage is excluded on this offer. Data included with Data Pass II recharges is for use in Australia only. There are also no applicable roaming packs for this offer.


Can I purchase Google Play content using my credit?

If you activate on, or switch to, Telstra Pre-Paid Data Pass II, you’ll no longer be able to purchase content from Google Play using included credit. If you stay on your current pre-paid mobile broadband offer, you will still be able to purchase content from the Google Play store if you have Recharge Credit.



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Level 4: Private Eye

I still don't understand the difference between this and the previous data pass 1 which I am currently on.

How is data pass 2 better?

Level 4: Private Eye

Thanks for prompt crowd support.

Level 1: Cadet

So how do I purchase this offer?

When I go to the page offering the 40gb for $150, then select recharge, I am redirected to the normal charges. NONE of these options in this offer are there.

Do I need a new SIM?

How hard can it be?

Why cant I access this offer?

Support Team
Support Team

Hi @fareastfarmer if you are not already on the Data Pass II offer, you won't be able to recharge with the inclusions listed for it. You will need to change your offer and then you will be able to recharge with the amounts listed here

Level 2: Rookie


   some questions re the Data Pass II offer.


1. I have existing gb credit with expiry in April 2018, under the Data Pass I plan. I'm assuming this usage credit will remain and the expiry date won't change ?


2. What do I need to do to swap over to the Data Pass II plan ?


3. What are the differences between the Data Pass I and II plans ?



Support Team
Support Team

Hi Johnox_99,


I recommend having a chat with our  Pre Paid Team via to discuss the roll over your existing credit and changing your offer so we can assist further specifically with your case.


Just Registered


just wondering in data pass II if I use all the data before monthly recharge will I be left without internet till my automatic monthly recharge date


Just Registered

Hi there,


i was was just wondering if I set up the scheduled payments would the data still roll over if I recharged before the expiration date? Or would the data be reset completely? 



Support Team
Support Team

Hi jkn, 


The speed will be slowed until you recharge and you can recharge manually sooner if needed. 

Just Registered

Just received the latest offers on prepaid broadband, i have just prepaid for the next 24 months

Now your offering 40gig for 12 mths 

Whats on offer for 24 mths??