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What is Day2Day®
Day2Day is a new Pre-Paid plan available to new and existing Pre-Paid customers from May 16th.

Day2Day plan inclusions
From $1 a day you get, unlimited talk and text to standard Australian numbers, 100MB of data a day, flexible recharge amounts and unlimited WiFi data with Telstra Air® – Australia’s largest Wi-Fi network.

Recharges available in $5, $10, $20, $30 & $60 denominations.


How does the Day2Day offer work in practice?
A day is defined as 12:00AM to 11:59:59PM AEST.

On activation of the $10 SIM Starter Kit or on a $5+ recharge on a $2 SIM Starter Kit, $1 is drawn from your recharge credit to give you a daily inclusion of unlimited calls and texts to standard Australian numbers and 100MB data to use each day. Then, a minimum of $1 recharge credit is drawn at midnight AEST for each day thereafter.
When you have available recharge credit, you’ll also get unlimited access to Telstra Air® Wi-Fi data across 900,000+ hotspots in Australia (offer ends 27 March 2018).

All unused daily inclusions expire at 11:59PM and do not rollover to the next day.

Extra data
In addition to your daily inclusions described above, you have the option to buy additional data at $1 per 100MB per day. All you have to do is keep using data after your initial, included 100MB is used up. An additional $1 is automatically drawn from your available recharge credit for every 100MB of data.

International calling

If you are calling one of our selected destinations, for an extra $1 a day, you can make unlimited calls to standard international numbers in that destination/s ($1 will be drawn from your recharge credit when you first make a standard call to one of these countries). These destinations include Canada, China, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, UK and USA. This excludes satellite and premium numbers and video calls.


Calls to other destinations not listed above or all other call types including international SMS and MMS are charged at the standard rate (please see


If you’d like to make international calls to countries other than the 10 selected destinations all you need to do is call the destination and we’ll draw the applicable charges from your recharge credit at the standard international rates.

How do you get started on Day2Day?
You can get started with our $2 SIM Starter Kit and recharge from as low as $5, or better yet, get started right away with our $10 SIM Starter Kit that comes with $10 recharge credit for up to 10 days usage.

What if I already have a SIM?
You can switch to the Day2Day offer and recharge from as low as $5, (or $10, $20, $30 or $60).


Things to note when changing to Day2Day from another Pre-Paid plans,
• You’ll lose any unused portion of your previous recharge credit.
• You’ll not be able to switch back to your old offer, if it is no longer available for new customers such as Telstra Pre-Paid Beyond Talk®, Telstra Pre-Paid Freedom Plus® or Telstra Pre-Paid Cap Encore®.

What happens if I activate the $10 Starter Kit or recharge at a time close to midnight?

The offer is designed to give you access to your daily inclusions by drawing down the $1 per day charge at midnight (AEST) each day. So we recommend activating your $10 Starter Kit or recharging well before or past midnight to get the most out of your daily use.

If the minimum daily credit of $1 had not been drawn for the day, then on the day of recharging, $1 will be drawn from your newly available recharge credit to give you automatic access to your daily inclusions.


How much can I recharge?
You can recharge as follows:

All for use in Australia. See how to recharge


What happens if I top up my recharge before my recharge credit runs out?
If you top up your recharge before your credit runs out, your recharge credit will roll over and the number of days left will accumulate.

So, for example, if you’ve got $5 left and you top up $60, your new total available credit is $65 and you will have up to 65 days to use the credit, based on a minimum charge of $1 per day.

How do I track my daily data usage and daily spend.
To help you manage your daily data usage, you’ll receive an SMS notification when you’ve got less than 30MB of data left for the day. This is also your reminder that if you keep using data past 100MB, an additional $1 will be drawn from your recharge credit, if available. If your recharge credit is at $0, you will need to recharge to continue browsing.

You’ll also receive an SMS notification if $1 recharge credit is drawn when you make an international call to a destination eligible for unlimited standard calls.

You can also regularly check Telstra 24x7 App, 24x7 My Account, or #100# for information on your daily data usage to help you manage it every day. See how to manage your Pre-Paid service.

If I don’t use my Pre-Paid service, will I still be charged $1 recharge credit every day? How do I stop the daily charge on days when I’m not using the service?
The daily offer is designed to give you continuous Pre-Paid service access by automatically drawing $1 a day from your available recharge credit.

If you don’t wish to incur this minimum daily charge because you don’t intend using your mobile, it’s recommended that you only top up when you know you’ll need to use your Pre-Paid service for a number of consecutive days.

If I only want to use 100MB a day, how do I avoid incurring additional charges for using extra 100MB top ups, after I’ve used up my initial 100MB of daily data?
If you’d like to avoid incurring additional data charges after you’ve used up your included daily data of 100MB for the day, you may wish to turn off your data on your device before you reach the included daily data limit of 100MB.
See tips on how to manage your data and usage

Until 27 March 2018, you can connect to one of the 900,000+ Telstra Air® hotspots to get FREE unlimited access to Wi-Fi data, for as long as you’ve got available recharge credit.


Can I take my Pre-Paid service overseas with Telstra Pre-Paid Day2Day®?
Yes and you can buy our International Roaming Browse Plus Packs. View Plus Packs for Day2Day
No other Plus Packs are compatible with this offer.


Can I continue to make calls and send texts to standard Australian numbers even when my recharge credit has reached $0?
On the day that we have drawn your last $1 of recharge credit, your remaining recharge credit will display as $0. For the remainder of this day, you can continue to make unlimited calls and texts to standard Australia numbers until 11:59:59:59 PM that day.

After this time, you will need to recharge again.

If I don’t have any recharge credit left, can I still receive calls and texts?

Yes, unless your service has been deactivated.

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DAY2DAY charges me $2 instead of $1 when it rolls over at midnight. I believe this is a known issue but Telstra doesn't want to acknowledge it. It has happened to me consistently and even though I have been reimburse at times with credit added, I have spent countless hours in frustrating conversations with operators who do not understand what I'm saying.

Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Hi WilliamBeattie1 


Please speak with our 24x7 Prepaid Team via Live Chat, so they can assist you with this issue


Kind Regards

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