The new online iPhone unlocking tool

Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

We are happy to introduce our new online iPhone unlocking tool for personal and business customers on a plan (excludes pre-paid services) - a quick and convenient way to unlock your iPhone or iPad2 for use on overseas networks. You do not need to be a current Telstra customer to use this tool, however it can only unlock iPhone and iPad2 devices purchased from Telstra.


To do this from an iPhone device or your computer go to the iPhone online unlocking tool and follow the prompts. 


All iPhone 5 models are already unlocked. You can insert another mobile provider’s SIM card.

If you have any difficultyswapping your SIM, see Mobile Support, or visit Apple Support Communities.

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This didn't work for me.  Because I had already transferred my number over to another provider.  Just thought I would let you know. 

Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Hello Susieq1969,


The tool only works for Telstra customer on current personal plans, i am following the steps you need to follow if you are no longer a telstra customer wishing to unlock an iPhone.





Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Hi There


There's two parts to successfully unlocking your iPhone;


Part 1: Request the unlock from if you are a personal Telstra customer on a plan. Pre-Paid customers should call 125 8887 and business customers should call 132 000.

Be aware that it may take Apple up to 72 hours to complete your unlock request.


Part 2: After 72 hours follow the Apple unlock instructions ( using your iTunes account to complete the unlock process.

You will need an active internet connection, a USB to connect the iPhone to a computer, the latest version of iTunes, and the Apple unlock link above.


See more information about the unlock process here: Unlock your Apple iPhone from Telstra - Post Paid Customers

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Do I get notification from Apple that my phone has been unlocked?

If so, how is that information shared. Problem I have is my Telstra # has been ported but my new SIM is showing in my iphone as NO SERVICE because I've since found out that my iPhone is locked.

So if they advise it's unlocked by SMS, I wont get the message.


Does anybody have any experience with unlocking iPhones?

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Hi Yannick and team.


Please help!


I'm overseas on business and I've been though steps 1 and 2 several times but when I put in a new sim card I keep getting the message that the sim isn't valid.


I believe my phone is part of a plan with my family, possible a business plan. Does this change things?



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hi, does this work for business customers too ?

Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

No it doesn't sorry

However our Business Team on 13 2000 can assist you with unlocking your device instead :-) 

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Hi there,


I'm oversea and I've followed step 1 and 2 but keep getting the msg. that the sim is invalid.

Could you please suggest how to unlock properly?


Hope to hear from you soon.





Support Team
Support Team

Hey atashinew,

Your other option is to bring up the keypad and dial *#06# - the IMEI should appear on the screen on pressing the last #

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we usually set a password to lock the phone screen. Only we input the correct password so we can use the device as normal. However, Apple Account Recovery sometimes password we set is very complex and couldn't remember it.