Tropical Cyclone Preparedness - Update for Queensland & NT

Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

We are closely monitoring Tropical Cyclone Marcia and Tropical Cyclone Lam and the impact that it may have on our network. At the moment, services are stable and teams are on standby to respond to any issues that occur.


During an emergency, customers can monitor our Network Outages site to keep up to date on outages and restoration activities.…


Although we monitor the network closely during an emergency, customers are encouraged to keep calls to a minimum during natural disasters. This helps avoid congestion and allows people to call emergency service organisations.


Tips for staying safe and staying connected

Staying connected in an emergency is extremely important and there are a few things we recommend to keep your communication needs running:

  1. Fixed line phones Consider using a standard fixed line phone. It’ll be more likely to operate during a power outage. (*Take caution during in electrical storms)
  2. Mobile phones

Always carry an alternate way to charge your phone in case you lose mains power. In-car, solar power and power bank chargers work best.

  1. Keep essential numbers close Have a list of essential contact numbers close at hand, including local Police, Fire, SES and Telstra’s fixed line fault line – 13 22 03.
  2. Use Triple Zero (000) appropriately Only call Triple Zero when a situation is threatening life or property, or if it’s critical. If your situation is not critical but needs an emergency services organisation, call an alternate emergency services number.
  3. Keep calls to a minimum Although we monitor the network closely in times of emergency to try and minimise congestion, keep calls to a minimum during natural disasters to allow people to call emergency service organisations.
  1. Back-up your data Make a copy of important data, photos and contact information. Keep them safely away from your home so you don’t have the stress of worrying about this information.


*Using your phone during a storm

There is the possibility you may suffer an electric shock using your phone, fax, computer or other electrical equipment during a thunderstorm.


When indoors, hands-free and cordless phones can be used safely if they're not touching the base unit. Mobile phones can be used as long as the phone isn't on a charger or connected to an external aerial.


If you must use your phone during a thunderstorm because of an emergency, reduce the risk:

  • Keep the call as brief as possible
  • Don't touch electrical appliances, metal fixtures or brick or concrete walls
  • Don't stand in bare feet on uncovered concrete floors.
  • Indoor phone use
Our thoughts are with all affected by the emergency in Queensland. Stay safe.

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