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Level 1: Cadet

How do I activate the Apple Music account. I can’t find any buttons in the 24/7 app

Level 1: Cadet

Subscription cancelled at end of free trial.  ALL Apple Music content deleted and now unable to open Apple Music.  Woy l d like to reinstate it and pay via phone bill.  Any help appreciated.  Have S9 mobile. Thanks.  

Level 1: Cadet

My Apple Music Subscription is not working, it’s included in my plan but it won’t acknowledge that I have an Apple Music account. How do I get it to work???

Level 1: Cadet

How do I cancel an Apple subscription

Level 1: Cadet

I activated my pre-paid sim and downloaded the 24x7 app yesterday but I haven’t received any message about the free apple music subscription and I can’t see any add on box in the service that i’m using in the app as the instructions.
Could you plea ...

Level 1: Cadet

I have never received a email link to access this free service how do I get it please? I joined before the eligibility date so should be eligible thanks?

Level 1: Cadet

I no longer want Telstra to manage the payment of my Apple Music I want to do it direct, if I cancel my subscription and use my Apple ID and sign up again with Apple will I lose all my music?

Level 1: Cadet

Hi everyone!Wondering if anyone has had any experience cancelling their iTunes Music subscription with Telstra and moving it to a direct subscription with Apple? I've spoken to Telstra and Apple and whilst the latter believes that if I cancel then si ...

Level 1: Cadet

I upgraded my phone/plan today and have since lost my Apple Music subscription. When I go into the ‘manage add on’ link it says it’s not available and to be eligible I need to be a Telstra personal customer on a post paid plan which is what I thought ...

Level 1: Cadet

Apple music on my mobil

Level 1: Cadet

I have tried a million times to cancel my Apple Music subscription both on the app and online without success.

Level 2: Rookie

How do I upgrade to a family membership for Apple Music?????

Level 1: Cadet

Telstra has sent me a recent reminder to subscribe to Apple Music before the offer expires 26 December.... so I subscribed and more than 24 hrs later I still don’t have a validation text and access to Apple Music. Does the validation process take tha ...

Level 1: Cadet

I have cancelled my 3 month apple music trial and added the Telstra 6 month trial   I did not receive a confirmation text from Telstra but the 24x7 app says my Apple Music memebership is active.   I have an iphone 5s. How does my music app know that ...

Level 1: Cadet

I’ve recieved 6 months free Apple Music as part of my new Nighthawk device plan, I activated it two months ago but it’s had been renewing monthly from my bank account. I don’t know if the deal has started and it’s still been charging me or not.

Level 1: Cadet

I want to add the data free streaming on Apple Music onto my Telstra account but I already have an existing apple music account. Am I still eligible to pay for an add on to stream for free?

Level 1: Cadet

I was signed up to Apple Music when I took out a new contract but have not used it as yet. My friend tells me she did the same - but did downloaded songs - but when she cancelled her subscription before the end of the trial period she lost all her mu ...

Level 1: Cadet

Just recontracted to telstra w iPhone X. Can I get another 12 mths free Apple Music??

Level 1: Cadet

I made a silly mistake of thinking I had to unsubscribe to Apple Music as my free 12mth trial was up, I am now aware I can continue the subscription at a cost. However, I didn't realise that this would delete all of the music I had downloaded in t ...

Level 3: Gumshoe

We cannot redeem our free 6 month apple subscription. After several days and much misinformation & many hours of phone conversations we cannot get anyone to fix our free subscription.  We have tried every way to access the Apple Music but each time w ...

Level 1: Cadet

I have cancelled my 3 month apple music trial and added the Telstra 6 month trial I did not receive a confirmation text from Telstra but the 24x7 app says my Apple Music memebership is active. I have an iphone 5s. How does my music app know that I ha ...

Level 1: Cadet

I was previously using Apple Music as part of my phone plan.  When the contract ended the subscription fee was then added to my bill.  I have now re-contracted to a plan that, again, has Apple Music subscription included.  When the new plan was activ ...

Level 1: Cadet

Simple Apple MusicBritney, Madonna, Amy LeeCHAPP1E MUSKHot eh!

Level 1: Cadet

I have just upgraded my plan and was given the 12 month subscription. Got the text message and downloaded app via that text. Signed in with my apple ID but want to know how to link my offer on the app. Nothing on here answers this question. I do no ...

Level 1: Cadet

I had the same problem when I left the actual Apple Music 3 month free trial and joined the Telstra Apple Music 12 month free trail however just spoke to Mobile Faults Dept and they advised me to;
Clear ALL Google Chrome & Safari data &
Go to Setting & ...

Level 2: Rookie

Ok so when I try to link my Telstra Apple Music with my Apple ID, I cannot. Firstly when I click your link provided to me via SMS. I get this screen:  Winner YES?!?! Nope. It does not link. It just sits at this screen doing nothing once I put in my p ...

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Community Manager

For more information about Apple Music please go to apple.com/music   If you would like more information about how to use Apple Music or are having any issues, you can visit the AppleCare website at https://getsupport.apple.com.   Here you will find ...

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