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Activating your iPhone - Could Not Activate iPhone

Have been trying all morning to activate my iPhone 5. I keep getting a message:


"Your iPhone could not be activated because the activation server cannot be reached."


I've tried connecting my iPhone 5 to my Mac with iTunes though am getting the same error. Makes it tough when they activate your new sim, deactivate your old sim and leaving you with no working phone.


Totally disappointed, not just because I have a new phone waiting to use, but it leaves me with no contact point all weekend. 


Has anyone had a similar problem that has been rectified?



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Re: Activating your iPhone - Could Not Activate iPhone

If you have bought your phone from Telstra you might have to acitivate with them first (depending on how you bought it), as it is the launch on the iPhone 5 a number of phones are all trying to be activated at the same time so it would be taking longer than normal and somtimes errors.

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Re: Activating your iPhone - Could Not Activate iPhone

You can try activating it on the handset by following the on screen instructions. If your Telstra SIM card is active or your connected to WiFi, you should be able to activate the service that way.




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