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Bogus emails

Has anyone received one of these emails of late, legit ???!


Refund bill number: 1412376920
Dear Customer,

After reviewing our payments server we found the following
error, your monthly billing balance was paid intwice (319.23 * 2) an amount of 638.46 AUD. in order to receive your charge back you are requested to visit your account immediately and complete the claim.
Then we will refund you the second charge of 319.23 AUD to your bank account.

Click the button below to start your refund processing.

If you have any questions or concerns about this email you can get in touch with us at

See you online soon,

Gerd Schenkel
Executive Director, Telstra Digital Sales and Service

Due Date
07 Feb 2019

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Support Team
Support Team

Re: Bogus emails

Hi @Bijoubelle2


Thanks for contacting us, you've done well to be aware.

I've heard of customers receiving calls, sms or emails from people impersonating representatives from well-known government departments & private companies.

You can also find some information about different types of scams & what you can do online here

If these calls continue, please refer to the information here

If you'd ever like us to confirm if a call, sms or email did come from Telstra, you can speak with us securely online here

We're available here 24x7 if you have any questions or feedback for us in future.


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