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Checking account balance



Does anyone know how to check your account balance and current usage when on a Telstra plan? I know to text "use" to 176 to find out data usage but I would like to find out if there is another number to sms or call that will tell me how much credit I have used so far.


It doesn't tell me online as I am a new customer and have not received my first bill.


Any help or suggestions would be appreciated! Smiley Happy

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Re: Checking account balance

Hi, have you tried to access your 'My Account' on the Telstra site?  That provides fairly good information, however the data use is not always up to date unfortunately but I am aware thatTelstra is working on this to improve that.



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Re: Checking account balance

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Go to m.bigpond.com on your mobile - make sure that WiFi is turned OFF.


Hit the "My" tab at the top and it should list you plan, data and calls on that page (or link to them).


Alternative, you can try #100# on your phone.