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Iphone X

I brought 2 new iPhone x about 9 months ago and I have had that much trouble with them. They keep cutting out when you are on the phone to someone and the wifi keeps dropping out. I have done everything they have told me but that didn't help. I'm so over it. They are on a plan. I have been with telstra for 30 years. Can you help me

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Re: Iphone X

Is it recently that you have started have problems, or since the day you bought them?
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Re: Iphone X

Since the day I bought them. I keep telling Telstra.
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Re: Iphone X

You need to carefully verify that you don't have a network coverage issue. You should test with 2 other phones using your both your sims.
If you are 20000% sure its your actual phones.......
Writing personally to the CEO of Apple in Sydney can be very worthwhile. The more courteous and reasonable / restrained ... the better..... explaining you can demonstrate 2 other phones correctly work precisely where both of yours malfunction.
Best wishes
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Re: Iphone X

If you have an Apple Store nearby they are outstanding at troubleshooting issues with their devices and if something is identified will just swap it out for you.

It is weird that it is two devices at the same time... if it was one only it would be easy to run through suggestions but both at once seems to suggest something else is at play.

Are they only dropping out at home or in the same sort of places? If it is only at home and you are having issues with wifi dropping out then it could be that it is having issues with the wifi and it is trying to voice over wifi and if the wifi is cutting in and out that could cause the phone to drop out.
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