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New Sim, but it says SOS Only? Help!

Hi, so i just got a new sim and i've put it into my iphone 4 device.


So i unlock my sim, and on the top left corner, it says SOS only. I've tried everything, from restarting my phone, to restarting my network connections and taking my sim card out and then back in, but nothing has worked!

And everytime i re-open my phone, it always greets me with a sim locked, so i have to unlock my sim all the time!


Please help!

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Re: New Sim, but it says SOS Only? Help!

Hi michaelg,


Have you contacted us to activate the new SIM card?  If not, you'll need to do so (either via 132200 or 24x7 online chat) before you can use it, otherwise your service will continue to function on the old SIM card.  You can disable the PIN, however, by heading to your phone's settings menu and selecting 'Phone' then 'SIM PIN' and sliding the setting to off.


- Justin

Telstra Social Media Team

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