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Not happy Jan

Well after trying to talk to someone about my mobile plan I think I am giving up on Telstra.

Again customer service is shocking. It is all well and good trying to gain new customers but key to any business is retention  vs churn.

My mobile plan ran out a while back and I called to talk to someone regarding a business plan with an iphone 5. I was given a ref number and was told someone would call.......well no suprise there no one called so again I called and complained and was given a ref number finally I got to talk to someone. I wanted to find out my previous phone usage so to decide what would be the best plan to go on. After a few minutes trying the girl told me that the system was down can they call back tomorrow. So I said no problem. This was a friday, no call sat no call sunday no call monday and so on.

So on friday I left an email on the complains line. I have now missed out on the october offer and also missed out on a new phone as they are now out of stock. As when I was trying to sort this out they had stock..

What a useless business Telstra are running. I am looking at moving my home phone, internet, foxtel and mobile from Telstra over $300 per month......obviously not enough to be an important customer. Not happy Jan Smiley Sad

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Re: Not happy Jan

I'm pretty sure that every customer is important to Telstra. Hopefully someone is able to assist you, but in the mean-time may I suggest looking at your bills (you can do this through MyAccount if you don't have them any more) to work out your average usage patterns.
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