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Using chromecast with mobile data

My phone is my only source of internet at home now. I’ve realised I can’t use chromecast anymore because you need wifi. I read the same question on another thread but it was closed. The fix didn’t work for me because when you get to the last screen in google google home and have to select a wifi network, my phone hotspot doesn’t appear.
(The only way I can watch Netflix is on my phone or Mac. I cant even hotspot my Mac and use the HDMI cable to the TV as it only works half the time- is it possible the strength of the hotspot from my phone isn’t strong enough?)

Anyway, frustrated that I can’t watch Netflix on my TV with the family

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Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: Using chromecast with mobile data

In order to set up chrome cast with your phone as a hotspot you need to use the google home app on a device connected to phones hotspot. It wan’t work if you use google home app on the phone providing the hotspot.

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