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iPhone XS eSIM support

I currently carry around a work phone (iPhone Xs) and a personal phone iPhone X. Both are on the Telstra network. My work device has limited allowances for calls and data and my personal sim has just the right amount. I’d like to carry just the one device. Is there any news on when Telstra might allow me to have the option to ditch my iPhone X and just use the iPhone XS with an eSIM for my personal number?


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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: iPhone XS eSIM support

No. There is no news available.


Your only option at the moment would be to ditch the iPhones and get a dual-SIM Android phone.

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Re: iPhone XS eSIM support

You can buy a dual sim Samsung phone direct from Samsung. You can't buy a similar model phone from a network store as they discourage dual sim phones.
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Re: iPhone XS eSIM support

Will be interesting to see if Telstra supports it now Optus does.



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