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sim locked

i just upgraded my new iphone4S to 5.1.1 and now it says sim locked. have tried the puk code given in the store but it says invalid. what to do?

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Re: sim locked

hi Lisa Smiley Happy

 That's certainly a bit of a pain. I'm not sure why that would have happened, but am happy to try to help you to unlock the SIM on your phone.


-     Do you still have the card that your SIM card was attached to when you purchased the phone? If not, refer to next step, If you do happen to have it, the SIM unlock code will be on that card.


-     If you do not know the SIM unlock code, but know the PUK code, you can try the last four digits of that.


-     If this doesn't work for you, enter some random numbers until you are prompted to enter the PUK code. 


-     If you do not know the PUK code, its now time to contact us to find out what the PUK code is, so you can then re-access your phone again.


To contact us, you can click on the following link, for our Live Chat team http://bit.ly/TChat24x7 or you can call us on 132200 and say Mobile after the prompt.

Lindy, Social Media Team,

Telstra Digital Sales and Service



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Re: sim locked

hi lindy,

i finally got it worked out. when i got the phone it came with a sim code; if the phone is turned off it needs to be re-entered, or the last four digits do. it turns out the whole puk code was needed. the odd thing is, when i entered the code (and i double checked by having it generated on your site), the phone told me it was incorrect. entered it again, then it said it was correct, then a message came up saying incorrect, tries exceeded. turned off phone, turned back on and five minutes later sim started working again. told me to change sim code which i did. i think i will now go to the telstra store with the code i put in to see if they can turn it off safely. i think maybe the upgraded operating system causes the sim code to lock the device and throws in some curve balls.